Tuesday, December 23, 2008


As y'all know by now Miss Vero loves to celebrate, all holidays are equal in our book. So we just finished up with our first two nights of Hanukkah and now it's time to replenish our supplies.

Honestly, the one thing we truly like about this time of year are the house parties. Holidays seem to have everybody invitin everybody else over to their house for a party. We just wish folks wouldn't limit it to this time of year because this is one tradition that we enjoy. Good thing we got all that nasty seasonal sickness out of the way, because we have need our strength to attend four house parties in four days! Hey, we are not complaining.

Of course we did manage to put on our Ray Bans and get out into the sunshine on Saturday to attend Winter Fest at Pointe West. And what a lovely event it was! Over at the VIP tent we spotted Mr. Wesley Davis and we were told that we had just missed some of the other commissioners that attended. It would have been easy to miss them, because there was a crowd of over 10,000 people there. Yes, that's right TEN THOUSAND! Now wouldn't y'all think that a gatherin of that many joyous, happy festive folks, at an event open to the public, with resources from the county be covered by the PJ? Wouldn't ya? And especially since the Press Journal was a "sponsor" of the event, wouldn't you think they would have some pictures of the happy children frolicking in the snow? Yes, SNOW! We're sure that some staff photographer would have much better photos that the ones Miss Vero snapped with a cellphone. Just sayin...

All right, so here's what Miss Vero would like for Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa or just for the heck of it) - A NEWSPAPER THAT COVERS VERO BEACH! Yes, we know we're yelling, it's intentional.

Now Max Newport loves to talk about Vero history and legal stuff (we'd bet the farm that he's gonna have a field day on January 7th , when both Ira Hatch and Damian Gilliams have court dates) and that suits us fine. While LDouglas reminds us that we should be more environmental aware. But yours truly would just like to pick up a paper or click online and find out what the heck is goin on around this town, from folks who report and not opinionate. Is that too much to ask? It is Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Whatever, after all.

Santa Baby are y'all listening?



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LDouglas said...

The environment is more than "loving the free and feelin' spirit
Of huggin' a tree when you get near it" as Tommy James sang.

It's more about our quality of life. You can't have a good quality of life without good health. You can't have good health without a clean environment. (At least most of us can't.)

You also can't have quality of life without security. Setting aside physical security, unfortunately the other security requires an income. Destroying or harming the environment for an income today ruins the chance for an income tomorrow.

Contrary to what your dad may have told you, money does grow on trees and on other natural resources. You can't have an economy without them.

Now here's some info you may be able to use:

I don't know how much faith I'd put into its accuracy as the worst hangover I ever had was after one too many gin and tonics...