Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It was a tough decision, possum drop in Tallapoosa,Georgia?

Or drag queen drop in Key West?

Possum or drag queen, possum or drag queen? An impossible and agonizing decision for Miss Vero! Thank goodness, the Secret Squirrel came to our rescue and promised to whisk us away to a place that involves the Eiffel Tower and fireworks! Oooohh Paris?


Yes, in a strange and fascinating tradition, the Squirrel and Miss Vero have tacky-ed up every New Year's celebration that we can get our little paws on. Last year the Squirrel somehow convinced Miss Vero to do some major tacky tourist things in New York City. Honestly who goes to New York City on New Year's Eve, only the crazy people, right? So count us in! Now, we weren't completely out of our minds to stand in the "pen" for ten hours. No, the Squirrel saw fit to install us on a very lovely rooftop with libations (and a warm apartment) close at hand.

And the year before, it was Las Vegas! All we are permitted to tell y'all about that trip is that it didn't involve Donny and Marie.

So this year Disney? Never, in Miss Vero's wildest dreams (and believe us hunnies, they do get wild), would we admit or agree to going to Disney World, especially on New Year's Eve. But our beloved Secret Squirrel has manged to book a little party that begins just before midnight at the French pavilion in EPCOT and continues at a very luxurious hotel, wha-la!

We do love our Squirrel! Until we met the Squirrel, Miss Vero had always considered New Year's Eve "amateur night" and we stayed home, so that others may finally take the opportunity to catch up with us. But no more. Because of the Squirrel we have found the true meaning of the holidays, the reason for the season, the keeping the "New" in New Year and that, kids is a tacky, yet fabulous, New Year's Eve celebration!

Now, because of our little tradition we did not make plans to stay in town, but if we did, y'all know we would be at the Epicenter of Cool - Undertow. There's a great band that night and Miss Kitty will be makin sure y'all have a rockin time, so yes, if we were in town that's where we'd be. So if y'all find yourselves in town tomorrow night, go to Undertow.

In fact, call right now and make a reservation.

Don't argue with Miss Vero, just do it.


And for the love of possum and drag queens, don't drive! A cab is ALWAYS cheaper than a DUI! And no, we are not speaking from experience, Miss Vero just knows this as a universal truth - just like the fact that the sun will rise every morning and annoy our beauty rest.

Now we do have a few things that we will address concerning some stories over in the Press Journal and the fact that Mr. Lemmon did not mention us in his "Choice Morsels from '08" column today. We are not miffed that we were overlooked, just amused that for all the "tracking down" of Miss Vero that went on this year over at the PJ, that we should at least garner a honorable mention. We suppose it's their new strategy, that if they just ignore us, we'll go away. Guess again.

We'll give y'all our list of "Scoops and Predictions for 2009" and our year end retrospect on Friday, when we're sufficiently detoxed. Until then, enjoy LDouglas' Greetings from Green Acres tomorrow and we'll share a tasty Southern tradition on New Year's Day.

Oh! And one more thing...




Miss B. Havior said...

Mis V hunney, all of us in Roseland is goin’ to miss you and the squirrel, yet again, this New Years Eve. But as one of your oldest confidants, I think it is proper and right to let your readers know exactly what happened that fateful eve in Las Vegas……..I know, I know, the slogan is “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but really hunney, you owe your loyal fan base the truth. So until we meet at Tammy’s birthday, I’ll end the year with this:


(sorry ya'll-d%*# blogger won't take the hyperlink! Time to cut and paste)

Lola said...

Don't forget to pack the kodachrome. Don't want to miss all those nice bright colors, or the greens of summer to remind you all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah!


Have fun! :-* :-*