Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Seriously. Russ Lemmon over at the PJ is still countin licence plates and gushin over his visits to Bob Evans. A Beach House reader just sent us the following email:

Hi Miss Vero,

I still visit your blog everyday and really like your Guest Writer Max Newport! You guys bring a new fresh perspective to Vero Beach. Very much needed in the absence of a REAL newspaper (least I mention its name). Now for the real reason I am writing. I have grown tried of the Russ Lemmon diatribe.
I woke up last Thursday hoping to read some feel good articles about Thanksgiving. Instead I found a sad sorry column by none other than Mr. Sour Lemmon. When is that man ever going to see beyond his selfish self? Everything he writes is about him, his vacations, his driving, his money, his birthday and nothing about Vero Beach and how some of our very dear charities are losing money or how low the donations have dropped our food banks! How sad that the editor let Sour Lemmon run the entire show there.

Which brings me to my point. I am thinking about starting a letter writing campaign pleading to the editor to ship Sour Lemmon out of town. Despite what we say about the depressed urinal it is still their duty to serve us the public. For so long there has been an outpouring of disdain for Sour Lemmon so when will that paper get us a real columnist? Someone that really cares about Vero Beach. I am so sick and tired of Russ and it seems like all my complaints have fallen on deaf ears there.

Let me know your opinion of this and if you think it will go anywhere.

Your fan, XXXXX

Hunny, y'all are preachin to the choir! But, what do ya'll think? Would a letter campaign get us a real Vero columnist? Miss Vero thinks it's "fruitless", since the editors at the PJ have never once responded to Miss Vero's correspondence, maybe y'all will have more luck, we'd like to believe that to be true.

Yes, it's wonderful having Max Newport, who we don't always agree with, but we just love him as our welcomed guest and of course, the fabulous LDouglas! The conversations are lively and intelligent - a true cocktail party if there ever was one!

Now, y'all know Miss Vero is always happy to bring new and excitin things to the Beach House. So on Thursday, we will have a very special theater review from the Royal Countess Du Rosland and we know y'all are going to be impressed.

Friday may bring us a new guest, someone, somewhat connected to politics and a fresh perspective at that!

And don't forget... the best local restaurant reviews and info online at our own widget box up on the right from Verobeachrestaurants.com!

Oh! And celebrity gossip from Mr. Jose Lambiet at the Palm Beach Post!

Local events, history, opinion, gossip, theater and restaurant reviews - Really, what more could y'all want? Just tell us, we'll add it! And we won't be fooled by commenters who use silly names like Mike Hunt, which apparently the PJ editors missed (or don't get):

Yes, comments to a story that we told y'all about long ago, THE BALTIMORE ORIOLES ARE NOT COMIN!
Should we even mention that we talked about Piper having lay offs back in May? Naah.

Now... we just got back from a little coctailin and cavortin and want to share some happy hour news from the Costa D' Este.

Happy hour at the Costa ? Yes, y'all, isn't that fabulous?

4:30 to 6:30...$5 mojitos and all well drinks and beer and wine by the glass, including premium wines...half off!! So spread the word...

And of course, here are the pictures we promised from the Love Doctor's toy drive, it's not too late to get down there, the Docs are in till 10pm tonight:

The Real Doctor - Dr. John dispenses some wisdom to a caller on the show.

The Love Doctors on a quick break. Not a bad lookin bunch!

Smile for Miss Vero boys!

(Dr. John knows us too well...)

Thanks to all the gang at Waldo's!




F. Cecious Lee said...

Reading this site for the past few days has brought back a lot of memories of growing up in Vero. Here's a few:

Dr Glenn of the Love Doctors back when we had lots of long, bushy hair. He was a disk jockey on the VBHS "radio station" (quotes because the station only transmitted by wire to the cafeteria). If you ate slow you could listen to all of Bohemian Rhapsody. I won't go into some things we did after school during the middle school years (nothing really bad by today's standards).

The weekly PJ, with benign columnists like Ed Dangler, Jack Faye and Dell Lockwood. When I read the TCPALM now to see what's going on in ancestral home town I keep in mind what my father told me: "Everyone in Vero knows who did it, they read the PJ to find out who got caught".

Getting lots of oyster cuts in the river from fishing and getting dumped out of canoes. My shots were always up to date, but not because of the river.

That's enough old fogey talk for now.

Thanks for the great blog Miss Vero.

Max Newport said...

Sorry Mr. XXXXX, I am going to stop picking on Mr. Lemmon unless he absolutely begs for it. I have enough stuff on my saved bookmarks to make him look even more foolish than he is.

My little brother, Biff Newport, thought I was a little rough on Russ on my last column so I promised I would leave him alone until he made another boob squeeger (a word I just made up). It will be tough because he is such a person begging for ridicule.

Who gives a rat's ass about anything he wrote about his freaking trip to Indiana? If you do, let me know at maxnewport@hotmail.com. I have two more columns already written about dear Lemmon, but I have held back because I actually feel sorry for him.

He is truly pathetic, but Biff asked me to hold back so I will.

LDouglas said...

Just when I was going to ask him to tell us whether or not he's used his AARP card at Bob Evans? (Word on the street is they give one.) ;-)

I know how Ms. XXXX (haha) feels but I have to take the same route as Max. I had Lemmonitus once pretty bad myself but I couldn't do it. Even if I still had it, I wouldn't want to be responsible for putting someone out of work for my personal satisfaction.

And I don't think it would do any good because I don't see him being fired over complaints of content. I could see him being asked to write differently but that isn't going to inspire writing from the heart. Or goodwill. How will we feel to read more about the things we'd like to if we knew he was writing them because he had to. Or begrudgingly?

It may be Pollyannish but why not let him know what columns or parts of columns we have enjoyed rather than what we hate? In the hopes that positive feedback results in positive feedback.

For instance, I can name quite a few things or people I enjoyed reading about. The Peterson Family Farm, the one about joining the youth of old age. (I'm looking forward to making it there myself.). The one about Julianne Price and who needs housing money more, the Mamma Mia star, Santa had been making a list, the Peace Sign story, and I liked reading his predictions for the elections.

The ones that goaded me most were pro-growth and anti IRNA. But I decided I would rather make lemonade than be sour myself. (What can I say- it worked for me...)

Love Kpop said...

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