Monday, February 2, 2009


As Miss Vero plows through the e mail box this morning, we find a response to our "Hospital Hotbed" post, last Wednesday and the now infamous $90,738 desk invoice. We received a very nice correspondence from Miss Betsy Whisman, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Indian River Medical Center:

Dear Miss Vero: It has come to our attention that you have placed on your blog a copy of a purchase order which suggested that more than $90,000 was spent on a desk. Attached please find the back-up detail behind that purchase order that clearly shows the expenditure was to totally furnish an office for two physicians and their staff, including patient exam tables, rolling file cabinets, X-ray illuminator lights, waiting room furniture, reception area furniture, etc.--including desks for two physicians. If you have any questions on the material provided, please feel free to contact me. It is our operating style to be open, direct and factual with information about the medical center.

Ok, so here's the problem, to be fair, we would love to post the attached invoices, but the file is too big and blogger can't support it. We are however, willing to forward this file to anyone interested. Just let us know.



Max Newport said...

Wow! Great things can happen for the early riser. Does the explanation and attached documentation from the hospital satisfy the inquisitive nature of Miss Vero?

You seem to be getting rational answers to legitimate issues while our buddies over at the PJ are still adjusting their tin foil hats. Either that or canoodling in the balcony of a CHURCH, of all places. Maybe since it was the Unitarian Church they will be spared the horrors of eternal damnation.

Good work Ms. V. Another scoop.

Anonymous said...

How very nice of IRMC to furnish an entire office full of furniture for those fortunate MD’s, relocating to our area. Not just any ole’ furniture mind you, designs classics!

Eero Saarinen tables – dining height $4363.85, side table $534.00 (
Mies Van der Rohe arm chair! $1334.00 (
Nienkamper sofa bench! $1417.50 (
Let’s not forget the “Reading Lounge Chair – OFC” $3011.00
(Thank Maude, someone had a modicum of sense when they nixed the $1811.00 dishwasher – I bought my high tech Kitchen Aide for $400.00 at Appliance Direct)

Let’s face it folks, you know your doctor is good by the quality of furniture found in their office. It’s just not seemly to have Rooms to Go sofas and desks from Office Depot or even office furniture from the business you purchased all this lovely designer fluff thru ( especially when someone else is fitting the bill.

Which begs the question, where is all this furniture located? Is it at IRMC or is it at the private offices of Dr Stowe? Does it belong to IRMC or to Dr. Stowe? Did anyone give Dr. Stowe a budget to work with? Insist on competitive bids? Ask that he at least, use a local Interior Designer to keep some of the cash in our county? Would Dr Stowe have chosen this d├ęcor style if he was footing the bill? Will Dr Stowe pay us back when he begins to realize a profit? Does the Hospital pay for the office furniture of all new Doc’s locating to our area?

Anonymous said...

How about asking for an invoice for the art Dr. Stowe purchased for his office on the hospital's dime.

Anonymous said...

I want to know when the FDLE will get involved? It seems not all is well in Vero. Embezzlement, medicare fraud, nepotism and cronyism come to mind. This should open a query as to "what else" is happening inside the walls of our beloved Indian River Memorial Hospital? signed, Small Town Girl