Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Swinging through the crowd at last years 4th of July parade! Click on the picture to get a better look.

It's your new Congressman kids and he'll be in town today to meet y'all. Not that the TCPalm is one bit helpful in giving us this information. Yesterday they posted this article that Congressman Bill Posey will be in Brevard County (Yes! Brevard County!) and that's where Indian River constituents should meet him:

But last week (Yes! last week!), they also posted that he would be at the Indian River County Commission building at 4pm to visit with constituents:

If it wasn't 2 am, as we write this, Miss Vero would call his office and confirm, but at least be thankful that we are paying attention in the first place. Now y'all need to get on down there and introduce yourselves, especially if y'all have recently lost a job or have some other concern that perhaps your nice Congressman will be more than happy to help y'all with. Here's a little info to get y'all acquainted:

Miss Vero has spent many hours in the offices of our nice Florida Congressmen and women over the years and we can tell y'all that once you go up to Washington or Tallahassee and plop yourself on their nice fluffy couches and settees and introduce yourself properly, hunnies they take notice! Heck, Miss Vero has made herself known to these folks for so long, we remember when Claude Pepper was a teenager!

These people work for y'all and don't ever pass up a chance to remind them.


Today is the 17th right? Aren't the nurses at IRMC reaching another deadline today? What's the word on the strike? Let us know Beach House readers!



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macdear said...

Isn't that the Mr Posey who voted "no" on the stimulus package? Sounds like he really loves us people here in Florida.
The republicans fiddle while the country burns.