Tuesday, February 24, 2009


...make yourselves comfortable, let's pour some martinis and catch up on all the hub bub...

Has the battle of the local newspapers begun?

We see today that Russ Lemmon has written about the Stanford financial situation, calling it a "Mini-Madoff" scandal:

But we know for a fact that the story from Mr. Milton R. Benjamin appeared in last weeks Verobeach32963 and finally made it to their website today:

Are we now to think that in addition to constant culling from the AP wires and other news sources, that the PJ is now picking up tidbits from the new local media? We won't even mention that Miss Vero first reported locally (back on February 5th), the unfortunate connection between Mr. Madoff and Mr. Sandy Koufax that Mr. Lemmon mentions today! Nope, not sayin a word.

Instead of frettin about what the people who are paid to bring us news are doing, maybe we should just stick to our carryin on and cavortin ways around town. And yes, we are finally back, late this afternoon, but before we make our way out again, let Miss Vero just tell y'all about last Friday night downtown....

Bodega Blue was rocking! A full house greeted Miss Vero and several friends when we arrived at 9pm to see Ben Prestage play his unusual style of fun and music. In fact, it was so packed that the crowd spilled out on to the side walk due to max. capacity laws or some such thing! Have y'all ever experienced Ben's talent? Y'all should see him if you get the chance:

So much happenin at the "Blue" these days. We wished we could have been there Saturday to see City Councilman Kevin Sawnick do his meet and greet and we are excited to see that sort of accessibility from our city council. In fact it should be mandatory that all the local politicians come out and do this, I'm sure so many folks in the community, would love to speak one on one with our elected officials, it's only seems like the right thing to do, don't y'all think so?

Anyway we are certainly looking forward to more events at the "Blue" and Miss Lynne, the owner made us feel so welcomed, that we might have to take up drinkin beer now, just to be hospitable of course.

Seems like everyone we know is going to the new restaurant that we told y'all about back in December. Here's an email we received today from one of our friends -

Hey Miss Vero!
Reading your blog recently prompted me to visit Fujiyama. I just had to see about this squirting Sake in your mouth firsthand. So I took my lovely wife out for a date, and we ordered a sashimi appetizer and the filet mignon and shrimp entree. I am very impressed, the sashimi was wonderful, better than some of the other sushi bars in town. The hibachi was also very, very good! And yes, the chef gave me a good long squirt of Sake right into my mouth. He didn't stop until I raised my hand, so I got a real good mouthful! As always, thanks for keeping me abreast of the best (and worst) Vero Beach has to offer!

Now hurry up kids, get there soon before that pesky reviewer at the PJ ruins it for everyone!




Richard said...
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Anonymous said...

Miz V,

Seriously. Real reportin' would take away from Lemon's Bob Evans time.



Lola said...

Miss Vero,
You left out a little something from last Friday night at Bodega Blue. Inquiring minds want to know if that young'un Miss Viv drank you under the table... Are we gonna have ta wait til Friday to find out or is Miss Viv not telling either? :-* :-*

Max Newport said...

Not only was Lemmon late with his big "scoop", he didn't have his facts straight. He didn't know Madoff had been arrested. I guess the Bob Evans crowd thought he was on house arrest voluntarily rather than as a condition of bond.

Wouldn't it be a bummer to be on house arrest in Manhattan? So many things to do.

Russ actually made a correction on TCPalm. Too bad he can't do that for the print edition.


Viv said...

Our drinking exhibition did not take place on Friday. If you look closely we can be seen boozing on the Lord's day in fields of green. Who is this Ben Prestage person? I just listened to some of his songs and he is amazing... I'm upset I stayed in while he was playing - I was wondering what that wonderful noise was when I listened to his song "weedhead" can't be found on limewire but I did buy a few songs on iTunes.

Viv said...

Also, did anybody see the man who urinated on himself in the back of a cop car made national news.. woo-hoo!