Friday, March 6, 2009


I have been lucky enough to accompany Miss Vero to drag queen show(s), bars, Sunday house parties, and of course cocktail hour in general… what I’m trying to say here is, Miss Vero if I hang around you any longer I’m going to be a left wing naked art dealer smoking cartons of stolen Tareytons… and oddly I don’t have a problem with it!

Anywho, so it’s Friday again – I happen to be carousing/researching this so-called “dating scene” later tonight, I’ll let you know how that goes.

On another topic, I was driving downtown and nearly ran into a new night club in Vero! Yes, a new night club called HOV (house of Vero). I wanted more information since it is my area of expertise at the beach house. If you all can remember before HOV it was Bombay Louie’s and then most recently, Tonic. Both were dumpsters, in fact, when you entered the bouncer at the door handed you a needle, leather belt, lighter, and a sterling silver spoon. Hopefully this HOV doesn’t fall into the same path that Mr. Tom Beaver’s fine establishment did.

The owner informed me that they’re going to have country night, rock ‘n’ roll, rap… I’m sure it will become very popular for the underage mall rats to sneak into. I wish it all the best though, I want them to succeed hopefully more great places will venture to downtown before it boards itself up from boredom! You won’t find me near there anytime soon unless I’m a little tipsy – that’s when I start to make the bad decisions.

You will however find me at a dueling piano show! Where you ask? Believe it or not THE PATIO. Every Saturday night dueling piano show! Where you ask? Believe it or not THE PATIO. Every Saturday night they put on a great show in the main dining room. I went last Saturday and it was hysterical. The pianist/singers mock the crowd and make fun of each other it’s less expensive than traveling to Orlando to Howl at the moon! Cripes, I’ve got to pick out an outfit for my big date!

Love and hugs,


Gotta love the Patio!

But Viv hunney,

Dont y'all want to sent up a call safety net for tonight? You know, have your girlfriend call you in the middle of the date, if it's going well you say "Hey, can't talk right now, I'm have a fabulous time with Mr. Wonderful!" or if it's going badly say, "What!!? They took your momma to the hospital, no it's alright, don't cry, I'll be right there!"

Just a suggestion...


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