Saturday, March 21, 2009


Our poor little Viv has surfaced! And after a long talk with Miss Vero, telling many tales of woe in the Vero dating world, she is beginning to get jaded. So, exactly what is it that would drive a girl to smoke, drink and munch out on Mickey D's at 3am?

Could it be the lack of available fun, young, guys (who don't mind a little smokin, drinkin and partying), that can still carry on a conversation and act like a gentleman? Why is this so difficult Viv wonders, why can't they just balance it all out like she does?

Let's see, there was the blind date who was older than her daddy, the young future politician who liked fart jokes, the overweight average boy who was completely selfish and wouldn't share his fries and the seemingly perfect date who was too good to be true (he passed out after three beers), and this was in the last two weeks!

And we didn't even mention the time we were at the Drag Queen show and Viv asked, "is he gay?", about every guy there. Miss Vero got so tired of answering, yes, yup, uh huh, yeah that one too, that finally we pointed out that everyone in the room was gay (even Miss Vero, who is truly gay in our heart), that we shouted "Viv Hunney, yes, everyone here is gay but you!" Well y'all gotta give the girl credit for lookin just about everywhere for the right guy.

Oh, this reminds us to tell y'all that Club House has moved the party to Saturday nights, click on the pic to get all the info;

So Viv, keep tryin hunney, but we don't think you're gonna have any luck at Club House tonight. But y'all never know.

We happily provide this evening's update for those of y'all that are not attending the Citrus Baron and Cattleman's Ball, that used to be fun when it first started but now is just another boring fundraiser, so much so, that we gladly send a check not to attend.



Viv said...

you want amy winehouse - you got amy winehouse my stories of drunken brawls and weekend sexapades has begun

Max Newport said...

Amy Winehouse. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I will not rest until she is mine.

Viv said...

you make a gal blush, Max.

BlessUrHeart said...

Sorry, viv, don't take the comments personally, hon [you blog, we blog, that's how it goes]. From your previous posts, I just thought you were aspiring to Winehouse status, not merely making fun of the dating scene here [like catching fish in a barrel and realizing, hey, it's a fish! Er, I don't want a fish]. I didn't ask for you to be anything. So if you and Max want Amy, and since the drunken sex was already out there, keep at it. It's your thing!

Viv said...

bless ur heart I know you were just having fun. But in a all honesty I do want to pick it up a tad bit - you've just inspired me to. I don't want to get Max too excited here but it looks like I might just have to