Friday, March 27, 2009


I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness...

Alas, my darlin young Viv, somethings, they never change.

People have started to question Viv, and the fact that I’ve vested my humor in drugs, alcohol, incestuous situations, poor choices, gay men, and the fact that my over all actions are leaping over the line when I go...

out into the scene that is Vero Beach.

I’m merely here to warn - if you were confused before you’re going to feel ass backwards now. I am a Viking...

born and bred to decapitate the useless and drink top shelf liquor out of the heads.

I’m unreasonably young in Vero Beach and I treat it as if it were L.A. because if you hang around the right people it’s as close to the in crowd as you can get. My Character is questionable when night falls...

and many people who know me have said I’m probably going to go out like Chris Farley - but whether it will be the drugs or obesity they still do not know.

I’ve gone on COUNTLESS dates for sake of the Beach House - to prove there is a Vero Dating scene, there are people in Vero Beach that are decent to date at a young age. Unfortunately, no one has brought anything to the table whatsoever.

Some people are just plain Janes - Nothing to write home to your Mama about, right Miss V? I stagger,

around conversations regarding politics, emotions, and the well being of America but dance around gossip, parties, and David Bowie. I’m judgmental,

I smoke, drink, devour taco bell late night, make decisions that are normally frowned upon and do everything the Beach House members (well some)...

have done when they were young and restless. Can’t be old and wise if you weren’t young and crazy, right? Hopefully, nobody is confused about Viv’s personality anymore...

or possibly, you’re even more confused?

Love and Hugs,


And Miss Vero is here to remind y'all -

Good Judgement comes from Experience

And Experience...

Comes from Bad Judgement.



Jethro Bovine said...


If Miz V is right, I must now have the best dang'd judgment in the world!


Viv said...

I can always count on you Jethro. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Lola said...

I was never confused about your personality Miss Viv. I know where you're coming from though I never had one of those mornings wondering why there was an admission ticket and a branch glued to my hair smelling like a bordello. (But I've had plenty of those mornings I swore I was never going to do it again only to be right back at it the next weekend.)

Fortuitous are those who can get good judgement from their experience. Even more fortuitous are those who can learn from others bad judgements. May you be fortuitous in any case. :-* :-*