Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What a whirlwind weekend was had by Miss Vero! It seemed that there were fabulous friends and hats everywhere!
While we were out on Thursday night, we noticed two things - No recession in popular Vero restaurants (our party had to wait 45 minutes - even with a reservation!) and Carl Hiaasen. Again.
And no, we let him be. This time.

Mr. Hiaasen seems to be everywhere in town these days, not only have we noticed him three or four times in Vero restaurants (and yes, even at the Epicenter of Cool- Undertow), but now going so far as having his Miami Herald articles reprinted in the PJ. But hey, we're sure it wasn't his idea and that's OK because, finally something worth reading in the PJ. Could we find it on the TCPalm? Of course not, but it was probably in their best interest to not feed this one to the rabid comment crowd.

And while we love our own little pup-pup, let's be very clear in that it is appropriate doggie love. In fact, pup-pup is at the fabulous Blue Ribbon grooming and boarding today, where Mr. Martin Lavander sees to it that our little pup-pup is pampered and fluffed and socialized. When we do travel and cannot bring pup-pup, he has his own vacation in - where else? - the beach themed daycare and boarding facility!

So we are happy to tell y'all about YAPPY HOUR tomorrow night from 5:30 - 7:30 at Blue Ribbon. A little benefit not getting enough publicity, that will donate proceeds to purchase K-9 bullet proof vests for the working dogs of the Vero Beach Police Department. It's a free event, but there will be a raffle of fabulous prizes to help the cause and a doggy costume contest.
Please call Blue Ribbon for all the details, 772-567-2123

Max was right, we have no idea why we didn't make it to Downtown Friday, perhaps we were saving our energy for the four events we attended over the weekend.

Saturday, Miss Vero and our dear friend, Fashionista Franny (who keeps a diary of everything she wears, never the same outfit twice, never!), decided to attend the Junior League tour of homes, where "A glimpse of Vero" was promised. Ok, in reality our dear friend, dragged us out at 10am kicking and screaming, because we did not think for one second that this would be our idea of fun. But after a little nosh (as Franny calls it) at The Grand Harbor River Village Club and several intravenous doses of caffeine, we were rarin to go! And, we're glad we did, we really enjoyed it. As usual, Fahionista Franny was right, in fact she's known for that and we all wonder how she does it. Not only was each home unique and interesting, we loved the endless fashion statements made by all the Junior Leaguers and their fabulous hats!

Our first stop was at the palatial home of Mr. And Mrs. Kurt Wallach. First of all, let Miss Vero just say, that they are the nicest people ever. Although we have been dyin for years to give Mr. Wallach a make-over, we are now ready to give up that idea because his charm has finally won us over. Miss Vero can't even been begin to describe the beauty of the Wallach home, not because it is gorgeous and expensive (it is), but because the personal touches and decorating talent of Marilyn Wallach have made it so. We are so appreciative of all their generosity in Vero and especially, to open their home to the public.

The rest of the afternoon tour was impressive, with all types of homes, styles and building philosophies represented, including the "2008 Green Home" on Reef Road that was featured in Verobeach32963 (sorry, no link).

We tried to make lunch at Lemon Tree but got caught up in that 2:30 - 5:00, no lunch for you! zone, that even Coste d' Este thinks is a good idea on the weekend, but hunnies it's a bad idea, bad. It's season! People want to give y'all money. Take it, take it, we say! And since no one wanted to take our lunch and cocktail money we ended up at Waldo's.

All things happen for a reason and we have many friends at Waldo's, who were so glad to see us. Gossip ensued and we heard the good news of Jeannie Blatus and Leo Burke's engagement and we must say this is the cutest announcement picture we have ever seen:

Saturday and Sunday nights included private parties of which we may not speak, but Sunday morning, Fashonista Franny was back to drag us out once again. It's not that we don't love Franny, we do. It's just that she's a morning person and well, y'all know that Miss Vero rises at the crack of noon. So, as much as we may complain, we know that Franny always has our best interest at heart and by the end of the outing we're always glad she puts in the effort to drag us out.

There were four of us altogether, who were joining a fifth friend, who had arranged a lovely Champagne brunch, at a very exclusive private club (that perhaps, if we are lucky, we might be members of someday). Miss Vero is willing to endure almost anything for the reward of endless Champagne served by cuff linked, cocktail boys, so yes, out the door before noon we went.

Our first order of business? Find hats, buy hats, wear hats. After a little searchin around town, we all bought hats to match our outfits and were ready to brunch! Our mission accomplished and with extreme hattitude, we pranced into the club to some light applause and some major curiosity. We looked fabulous!
"What's the occasion?" Everyone inquired.

"Just another day in Vero, just another day. Now where's the Champagne?"


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BlessUrHeart said...

Mr. Hiaasen is a brilliant writer, don't tell him the PJ is bringing his reputation down . . . he'll enjoy it too much! lol!