Saturday, March 14, 2009


Dear Congressman Posey,

Congratulations on being a new congressman and representing the 15th district in which Miss Vero is a constituent! Good for you, getting a new job when it is so hard for folks to find one these days. And from what we hear, it'll be even harder when our beloved space program is forced to shed about 38,000 industry and related jobs in our district come 2010 (next year!).,0,295591.story

It seems that our Democratic Senator, Mr. Bill Nelson, could use a little help in securing some funding for Florida and our district. May we suggest that y'all try to work with Mr. Nelson on this issue and stop wasting your time (and ours) by "pandering to the right wing" fringe of your party by introducing this new silly and somewhat divisive bill H. R. 1503? By the way, "pandering to the right wing" are not our words, but those of Karen Thurman, chair of the Florida Democratic Party:

Mr. Obama is our president, whether y'all voted for him our not. The matter of his nationality is a matter that's been closed.

Just like Jackson Browne once wrote - "...while the future's there for anyone to change, still you it seems, it would easier sometimes to change the past."

Wouldn't it be a better idea to focus on what we can change and work with one another to address some of the current issues that we facing in our community?

Mr. Posey, we are most sincere when we wish you all the best in our nation's capital. We know Washington is a big place with many people trying to influence you. Please, just try to remember your little ole constituents down here in Indian River County.


Miss Vero and friends.

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LDouglas said...

Sometimes politicians forget it may be big business who funds their campaigns but it's people who elect them.

We just need to get the people to stop voting for a party and vote for a candidate so they get that message.

I agree it would be a better idea to work with everyone. While there's nothing wrong with a politician basing his platform on party politics, they need to keep in mind it's possible they weren't elected because of it. And even if they were, they still represent people, not a party. And they represent all of us- even those with a different party affiliation or none at all.

And doing what's right for people over what's right for your party is the better path to re-election, IMO.