Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today's post is like a box of chocolates, lots of sweet pieces, some with nuts. If y'all don't like one, try another.


And we'll give y'all three good reasons why we say there's a panther near JI.

#1 A full grown male Florida bobcat is only about 24 pounds, The poor family pet that was killed was an 85 pound Lab, whose spine was snapped, according to the vet. A full grown male Florida panther can be as big as 150 pounds. So, do the math. In addition, the attack occurred around 8:45 in the evening, an active time for panthers and a "resting" time for bobcats:

#2 Florida panthers have indeed been sighted in Indian River County and as far north as Jacksonville, so before y'all go spewing your knowledge of all things Florida, do some research:

#3 And most important, nothin ever bad happens at places like John's Island, so it might be conceivable that bad things that happen get hidden. Just sayin...


Joe Baird is quoted and Vero Beach is featured in the Sunday New York Times!

“If you maintain it, they will come,” the Indian River County administrator Joe Baird said.

He 's still thinking he's going to snag a MLB team and now the Minnesota Twins are mentioned.

More Dodger news (and pictures!) from Arizona - some long time fans miss Vero's Dodgertown, but not really:

So here's our idea for the Dodgertown property. Car Club. What? Let Miss Vero explain. There are quite a lot of big boys in this town, with big toys. Like the cute little ole jet planes that fly into our cute little ole private airport. Well, some of these boys have big boy cars too and they would like to drive them fast, but y'all know that no one can take their Porsche or Ferrari out on state road 60 and hammer the pedal down to see how fast it can go. Well, not legally. So here's our idea - Car Club!

Check it out boys:

Wealthy homes, wealthy islanders (if the panthers don't eat 'em!), wealthy car owners. It all makes sense, besides, Vero has always been a service industry town, why think it'll change? So let's stick to what we know and cater to the wealthy folks, at least we're good at that!


A great story about the ole Fellsmere Inn, but when will it open? Perhaps all of our Fellsmere connections can help us out on this one:


There's a full moon on the beach tonight and there's good music in unlikely places. Ben Prestage is playing this afternoon (5pm-7pm) at Everything Outdoor, turn off your computer and get out there right now, it's a beautiful day for it:



LDouglas said...

I didn't doubt the John's Island panther story. Good job finding the article on the panthers. Very interesting- too bad the poor dog died though.

I'm looking forward to trying the Rod and Gun Club restaurant when it opens. Please keep us posted. I'd go just to see the yellow pine floors, cypress walls and mahogany bar. I think I've been in that building before. (If it was an antique shop at one time.)

I see Everything Outdoors is a NWF certified Wildlife Habitat. Very cool for a business. I might have to go just to see the chickens.

Otherwise, I don't know if anybody's going to want Dodgertown after reading how much the maintenance costs are. Yikes...

BlessUrHeart said...

Good info on Panthers, Miz V. They wander a great deal, and their paths cross IRC all the time, especially out near Blue Cypress. That is why the loss of habitat is so serious -- they need a wide range. There have been panthers on the island in the past, but what a surprise there's still one here! It's Florida, people, don't let your dogs or cats or other pets run around without a leash!! Jeez!

Lola said...

Don't they call those cute little jet planes that fly into our private airport the John's Island Air Force?

One of the reasons I proffered Ms. VonVoot to scout out Aviation Day for a date. :-* :-*

LDouglas said...

I thought I'd post this for you before it disappears from the front page of TCPalm.

BTW, Nice to see you back BlessUrHeart. :-)

LDouglas said...

Oh yeah, one more thing. Miss VonVoot wasn't swept away by her bilnd date was she? Off to some exotic locale, sipping margaritas on a remote tropical beach somewhere?

Anonymous said...

About that panther thing: last year, a woman's little dog got snatched away , right in front of her eyes, at Palm Island Plantation. And that's kinda near JI. Her eyes told her it was indeed a panther that grabbed her pooch.