Tuesday, March 10, 2009



A friend of a neighbor, who is an acquaintance of a relative (a very reliable source, we might add), told Miss Vero that a Florida panther is responsible for the recent death of one rather large Labrador retriever, who was merely minding his own business in the back garden of a JI home. The poor dog had to be put down with severe injuries. JI security was called to the scene, but in the manner of all things JI, the incident is hush, hush. But Miss Vero wonders, what would happen if a little grandchild had been attacked rather than the family pet? Is the panther protected or will the critically endangered pussy be secretly exterminated in the name of public safety? And most important, would he be able to produce ID as a visitor or is he considered a resident? As usual, another growth vs. development discussion.

"The Florida panther has been at the center of a controversy over the science used to manage the species. There has been very strong disagreement between scientists about the location and nature of critical habitat. This in turn is linked to a dispute over management which involves property developers and environmental organisations."



Ok, we love this new site and the promise of all the information to come, so spend some time here, look around. The forum page is now open, taking comments -and check out the link page for IRC info one stop shopping, very useful indeed!:


If y'all know what The Smoking Gun is y'all will appreciate this immensely. If not and y'all need to get up to speed, well here ya go:


Miss Vero wishes Webmaster Mike all the best and welcomes him to the new Vero media revolution! (Maybe this will calm Max down a bit, this whole quitting smoking thing has made him a little cranky. We'd offer him a little libation, but we know better.)


We applaud Mr. Charlie Wilson this week for taking the goline all over town, good thing it's not election season or we'd consider this brilliant strategy!


Last week, ole Charlie had a great post about all the news the PJ neglected to tell us. We wish we could show it to y'all, but Charlie doesn't give access to his archives. Yet. We are going right now, over to Charlie's virtual place, to straighten him out. Ahhh, so many men to train, so little time.




LDouglas said...

I feel sorry for the family who lost their dog but if true, I hope they understand the Florida panther was just trying to make her living. It's not like she could go to Publix for a can of panther food or a nice grass fed steak.

Otherwise, I would hope she would at least be considered a resident in the name of fairness. And hopefully, she'll be given a chance to be relocated to an area where she might be able to go about making her living without having to steal from people.

(On that note, did you hear the story about the chimp and the rock throwing? Pretty sad to know they're so intelligent and all we put them through.)
Here's one version:

Anyway, I checked out IRC Underground some. It reminds me a lot of Treasure Coast Voices. It should be an interesting addition. I also checked out Mr. Wilson's blog. I've always thought it would be fun to learn my way around using public transportation. It was cool that he did it.

BTW, a song by REO Speedwagon popped into my head that kind of fits with your blog today. Maybe from the panther's boyfriend's point of view?

Heard it from a friend who

Heard it from a friend who

Heard it from another you been messin around.

They say you got a boy friend
Youre out late every weekend
Theyre talkin about you and its bringin me down

But I know the neighborhood
And talk is cheap when the story is good
And the tales grow taller on down the line
But Im telling you, babe
That I dont think its true, babe
And even if it is keep this in mind

You take it on the run baby
If thats the way you want it baby
Then I dont want you around
I dont believe it
Not for a minute
Youre under the gun so you take it on the run

It not only reminded me of your a "friend of a neighhbor" and the panther tale, but the time I was called a liar for posting on TCPalm that my husband spotted a panther in our backyard.

Anonymous said...

There has been a Panther at Johns Island for the last four years, at least on the beach. I woke up one morning, it was still dark and there were twin babies standing at my window. They were gorgeous, but I know Mom was near.

Anonymous said...

There are no Florida panthers in this area. Living on the beach for some years, we regularly saw bobcats -- several of which raised families in the dunes. But Florida panthers live in the Everglades down towards Naples. They do NOT live in (or visit) Vero Beach.

LDouglas said...

I don't know what to say about the panther in the John's Island area. I live within a stones throw of the Buffer Preserve on one side and a huge swamp on the other. I can't see why it isn't possible for a young mountain lion (or any) to pass through. We see bobcats on a regular basis so I'm sure my husband knows the difference.

Perhaps one of those motion sensor cameras are in order for someone. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think we are talking about the same animal here, probably a bobcat, they are here on the Sebastian River and out on the beach on JI, I would not want to confront either one.