Tuesday, March 24, 2009


If there's one thing that Miss Vero loves more than carryin on and cavortin, it's reading. Perhaps we can even be called a news junkie, but here's the thing - we read EVERYBODY. Yessiree, from those crazy Fox News characters to the liberal leaning Huffington Post and from over in Londontown, The Daily Mail- of course online. We spend every Sunday morning at the temple of the New York Times and receive more national magazines than we should, in monthly subscriptions. Locally, we devour Vero Beach Magazine, Vero Life, Verobeach32963, the Hometown News, the Palm Beach Post and yes kids, the Press Journal. So let's just talk about that today all right?

Miss Vero believes that every one of these publications deserves to thrive and be heard. Every one. Yes, we even want the PJ to be there for us. There, we've finally said it.

Apparently this is the topic of the month - the fall of print media, think of it as the dessert to the main course of the wobbly economy. Our own Max Newport had a post last week about his continued frustration with the PJ, and Mr. Laurence Reisman, editor of the Press Journal saw fit to write an editorial on this very subject last Sunday.
Three comments followed (only three?). One of which was from LDouglas, who also enjoys the TCPalm outlet for comments and we must say is one, if not the most, eloquent of participants.

Now here's the thing. We said it before and we'll say it again, the Press Journal could do a much better job of "reporting" the news. Most of the folks that have the biggest beef with the local press is that they too often pick and choose their news, their views and their perspective on Vero Beach. Please, we all beg, just do a better job. Lalalalalalalalalalalala, we can't hear you, replies the PJ!

Let's also take a look at the Verobeach32963. Now, we believe that they have really stepped up to the plate on some issues and absolutely love the way the VB32963 reporter, ex-mayor, Miss Marybeth McDonald goes after County Commissioner Tom White like a hound dawg on the tail of a treed raccoon.
And of course we'd love to show y'all the articles, but we can't because the VB32963 is not currently updated online, much to our continued dismay.

But, we will take the time to tell y'all about a recent letter, printed in the February 26th edition to the VB32963, from a Mr. Ron Farabee that complained about the reprinting of articles from The Economist, The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times. Mr. Farabee states:

"These publications, with the exception of the Wall Street Journal, generally lean far to the left, and attempt to indoctrinate their readers with their one-sided view of things.

Many conservatives have a 32963 address and would appreciate fair balance in your commentaries."

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!! Oopps! Oh my goodness, we just fell out of our chair.

Wait, must......... catch........breath.

Still, laughing.


Now we're mad.

How dare you Mr. Farabee? How dare you claim the barrier island a conservative bunker. Just who, or - as y'all like to grit your teeth and speak like Thurston Howell the third - Just whoomm do you think you are? Did y'all mention a "one-sided view of things"? Just take a little ole peek in the mirror, hunney. Hey! There's your picture! We just saw it on Wikipedia explaining "one-sided view of things"!

To the VB32963's credit, a full page editorial was printed on March 12th, "The news business: Our so-called agenda" defending their publication. We can not take the time, nor do we have the energy to peck out the entire thing, but we do love this line, taken admittedly out of context:

"Spare us any more letters accusing us of a liberal bias."

To Mr. Milton R. Benjamin, we use one of his own favorite phrases and say "kudos" to you Sir! Congratulations on your first year! But please, let us be selfish and ask that y'all please get your online version as current and pretty as the big, white, beautiful, no ink comes off in your hand, publication. Pretty, please?

So here we are. Pokin around the PJ, Laughing at the "liberal bias" of the 32963, listening to Rhett Palmer doing his wacky Rhett Palmer thing, wondering if TV10 will ever emerge from it's zombie zone, reading the blogs of others in Vero like our conservative pal, Charlie Wilson, envious over Jose Lambiet's page2live gossip gig, suportin and reportin on the Drag Queen soirees in town, Viv's Amy Winehouse impression and posting contributions from folks we sometimes agree with and sometimes don't (we're talkin about you, Max).

Why? Because the Beach House is one big cocktail party! Take an hors d'oeuvre, wash it down with a little libation, but for heaven's sake if you're allergic to the shellfish or y'all gave up the hooch years ago, why would that be reason enough to stay home? Miss Vero believes the more, the merrier! Thank goodness there are so many people with so many different perspectives. We don't know about y'all, but a good lip sparrin is about as much fun as y'all can have with your clothes on.

Of course, we have to ask, as much as we like the VB32963, would it be willing to become VB32963-2-0-6-7 if the PJ failed? Yes, the PJ is weak and anemic, but wouldn't it be better to heal the PJ rather than kill it? Is there a press doctor in the house Mr. Reisman? And, although you'll never see Rhett Palmer at a Drag show (wait- we're not exactly sure of that, if y'all remember his video) or hear a Drag Queen on Rhett's show (what would be the point really, if y'all can't see them?), isn't it nice to know that both forms of entertainment exist in the same town? Miss Vero asks y'all, isn't that what our country is really about, our community, our town? That we all have our own place in the sun?

Whether we agree or not, Miss Vero will be the first one to pour y'all a cocktail and invite y'all in. And yes, even you, Mr. Lemmon, just don't be expectin coffee.




Anonymous said...

You are right Miss Vero. I wish we could heal the VBPJ before it dies of internal bleeding. Unfortunately Mr Ward and Mr. Reisman are supervised by an equally arrogant and self serving editor in Stuart and the next manager is in Cincinnati who couldn't have less of a clue about our community if he lived in center of the earth. Until then it's up to you. All hail the leader of the Cocktail Party.

Miss Vero Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Vero.

Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,
I do agree that Mr Benjamin does have a fine-lookin' paper. (And he has a good core group of staffers.) 32963 is definitely right-leanin. (Another thing I like about it.)

The PJ doesn't lean left or right. It reclines! As it declines. (Sorry. I couldn't help that rhyme.)

The Beach House is balanced, though leaning more towards the non-right. That's why I love the Beach House! You can never have a lively dialogue with only people with whom you agree.

Keep it lively, lovely. (Sorry, again. It's the corn squeezin's.)


BlessUrHeart said...

Not to defend the PJ, but please note Reisman & Co. have written ad naseum about former mayors, especially White, and their propensity to spend on themselves, as well as buffoonery of other sorts, but those spenders get re-elected. Miss V just enjoys watching rabid dogs go after easy prey, don't you dear? LOL!

32963 seems to do lots of repeats, sad to say. And their biased reporting on the utilities is nothing but editorializing, no facts involved. A great disservice to its readers.

Certainly agree that the PJ needs competition [Anonymous knows of what s/he speaks], but the Beach House is the best of that bunch. Jethro, pass the bourbon and branch!