Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Whole lotta this and that thrown in the pot today...

As y'all know by now, Miss Vero is not the sportin type, but we have a big crush on Bent Pines Golf member Kenny Perry, who just happened to win the Masters this weekend up there in little ole Augusta:


Bent Pine seems to be one lucky place. Remember that time the employees won the $65 million Florida Lottery and celebrated, at of all places, Carrabba's?

What's all this talk about TEA BAGGING?

When Miss Vero heard about (and was invited to) the big Tea Party tomorrow, well, for a moment there...

Thank y'all, but no, we will not attend, as we prefer to do our tea bagging in private.


Speaking of gatherings and protests, here's one that y'all might have missed:


And if you're one of those types of folks that has a lot of energy (of either persuasion) and would like to do something with that pent up frustration, here's a suggestion:


...don't know who's responsible for this web page, but it has everything y'all could ever want to know about the Hibiscus Festival this weekend. Don't miss Ben Prestage, Sleepin Dogz and the '60's party!


And of course,

two of our favorite things, Tupperware and Drag Queens, will come together this week in the form of Miss Dixie's Tupperware Party at the Lyric theater in Stuart. Our own Max Newport attended a while back and had a fabulous time - which is something to say for a good ole boy like Max!:

What ever y'all decide to do, have a fabulous week!




Miss Vero said...

What!!! We had to hear all the way from Jolly ole England in an email from our good friend Lady Diane:

"Well, Miss Vero, we know you're not of the ole sportin kind, and much as you might like Kenny Perry, sad to say that he did not win the Masters! He was beaten at the sudden death play off."

Member that thing we said about havin a crush on Mr. Perry?

LDouglas said...

Miss Vero,
You know what I've always considered teabagging? Swimming in public pools or sitting in a public hot tub. So I know how you feel about doing your
teabagging in private. ;-)

Good suggestions for other ways to protest or take action.

As I've said before, some of our government's spending is an investment. But there's a lot of fat that could be trimmed otherwise known as pork. Of course, just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, pork is unhealthy to some and the other white meat to others.

Now, speaking of private teabagging, tomorrow is national call in day to ask our legislators to support HR676 which is for a single payer health care plan.

You could also send this pre-written letter to ask our Florida Legislators to keep Florida Forever.

Lola said...

Ahhh, I just love it when I develop a crush. I sure do. So nice to find there's still a schoolgirl in all that woman. :-* :-*