Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So there I was Saturday, seated at the singles table of my friend's wedding. I was the only one over nine years old. Miss Vero couldn't find me on Friday, because after the bachelorette party Thursday and the rehearsal dinner Friday night and the wedding on Saturday, the whole thing turned into one big blurry nightmare, with occasional bouts of reality.

My friend Darcy, of course, was the typical bridezilla and she's a Southern Belle, so that made her a bridezilla with an entourage. Thank Gawd I didn't have to wear one of those hideous dresses. You know the ridiculous bridemaid's dress everyone lies about, when they say you can wear it again? HA.

As I sat at the kids table, my head pounding from the 24 Goldschlagger shots the night before and the best man giving his stupid "I love this guy" speech, it hit me. Nope, not the hangover.

I'm done. Finished. Kaput. Yeah, that's right, Miss Vivienne Von Voot is through with the dating scene. It doesn't matter if I'm here in Vero, visit Cairo or move to Timbuktu, I'm done.

I mean, what's the point? Welcome to Vero Beach - great for the newly wed or nearly dead! I'm young and having a great time and this dating scene only leads to one thing...marriage!

Like my Uncle Reggie used to say, "marriage is an institution and who the heck wants to be in an institution?"

So I'm hanging it up and working on my career, heck, if Miss Vero can be a professional partyer, I might just hang around and learn out how to do that. So, until I figure it out, it's been real, it's been fun and I suppose you know the rest.

Love and hugs,



Lola said...

Good for you Miss Viv. Marraige is definitely over rated as is dating. Though dating beats marraige in the intellectually stimulating department, a good career beats them both (and does attract a better class of men to play with).

What goes around comes around. Or something like that. Remain independent and true to yourself, strong men find that attractive...

:-* :-*

Viv said...

Goodbye to all. It's been real and it's been fun... it's been real fun