Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Sometimes we drift off to far away places in our mind. There's always music playing in our head, which is why we have absolutely no need for an i-pod. Yesterday, all the Beach House kids came by to visit Miss Vero and celebrated something called 420 day. They lit beautiful incense that filled the room and calmed everyone. Through the smoke we believe we saw ole Tater Salad hisself, Ron White. Ahhh, if everyday could be so...colorful.


The Vero Beach Power plant and other fabulous Vero photos...

This year's Treasure Coast Wine Festival, funny we don't remember it being that pretty...


Wackenhut house - take a peek inside.

A look at the tea party, that y'all might not have seen...

That's odd, we're feeling rather hungry now...




Lola said...

Ummm. 420 Day and your blog with the colorful pictures brings me back to another of my old boyfriends.

He sang to me too...

"Whatever colors you have in your mind
I'll show them to you and you'll see them shine"

And he didn't lie. Was he was your old boyfriend too?

:-* :-*

Countess du Roseland said...

I too Mizz Vero, am feeling hungry! Therefore I have made an appointment with my Doctor next Tuesday. I'm hoping she can settle a bet for me. I bet Paco and Bea that Russ Lemmon has a horn growing out of his left temple and that he keeps it filed down and hidden under his hair. Paco says Russ has a horn growing out of his right temple and that it is made of graham cracker, so all he has to do to hide the horn is to break it off and eat it. I'm worried that I'm going to lose this bet.

BlessUrHeart said...

Ron White doing PR for Vero Beach -- makes for a GOOD "420" Day! Do y'all know where "420" comes from? And no, it's not the police call numbers.

Miss B, my bet is that the horns are ingrown. Brownies anyone?