Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well, let Miss Vero apologize to y'all for not being around. Seems little Miss Viv is missin too, but that's another story...

We were driving yesterday through the two foot high hills of North Florida, when our car broke down somewhere around Podunkville. We pulled into a garage, where Bubba-thing one and Bubba-thing two come a runnin out to help, Diagnosis? "Y'all's alternator ain't alternatin" proclaimed Bubba-thing one. "Yeee-up" confirmed Bubba-thing two.

And so it was at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon we were stuck in a place, where the gentle banjo strains of Swannee River quickly turned to the theme from Deliverance.

Good thing we speak the language.

We did finally get on our way to Tallahassee, but near our stayin place, the road was blocked for whatever reason and a nice young police officer with a yes'mam accent gave us directions for the detour we immediately forgot. By the time we made a run to the liquor store and got settled in, we collapsed into a deep sleep, only to awake in a panic at 4AM, remembering that our little Beach House blog has been seriously neglected as of late.

So here we are, writin a little somethin for y'all, because that is what we do. Of course we have to be faithful to the faithful that look for us daily (except of course on weekends) and send a little friendly instruction to those of y'all that are new Beach House guests - READ BEYOND THE FIRST PAGE.

Yes, someone extremely annoying, sent us a few silly emails yesterday complaining about our Szechuan Palace post being a waste of his time. Can some one please tell us why everyone feels that they must be instantly gratified? Well if that's the criteria, y'all have certainly come to the wrong place.

Anyhoo, what are we doing in Tallahassee y'all might ask? Certainly not getting any instant gratification that's for sure.

Have a great weekend down there in Vero, if we were there today, we'd head on over to Boppy's for a snack and check out Wabasso Beach, which has finally opened after five long years.


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