Friday, May 29, 2009



Take a look kids:

"Competition is back! We're seeking hard-working editor-reporter(s) and tireless photographer(s) for a new online newspaper in a small Florida seaside city that plans to kick the butt of the tired print daily. These are NOT 40-hour a week jobs. If you are looking for a position that will let you spend evenings and weekends working on your golf, go apply to our competitor. We are looking for passionate journalists whose idea of an exciting Saturday night is breaking a story right under the nose of the competition. "

What's this all about? Well, let Miss Vero be the first to tell y'all. There's going to be a new online news service in Vero and it's called, being brought to us by the very capable Mr. Milton R. Benjamin, of VeroBeach32963 fame.

So please join Miss Vero in watching the countdown clock, we are so excited!:

See y'all there!



V B Poindexter said...

I surely do hope that Mr. Benjamin is a smashing success, and that he is for real. I did a search on and there is no record of a Vero News LLC. There is a fictitious name registration by Mr. Benjamin for Vero News, but it has expired. I hope he gets his ducks in a row, because I know those crack reports at the PJ will be all over this!

Anonymous said...

Adding to what V B Poindexter mentioned about having ducks in a row, one might wonder why Mr. Benjamin would bother with the folks on "the other side of the railroad tracks" when he has his hoity-toity 32963 rag to publish.

Milton R. Benjamin said...

Miss Vero, out site-in-progress wasn't quite ready for the onslaught of your readers, but . . .

VB, thanks for your thoughts. Sunbiz runs a few days behind but Vero News LLC should appear there early next week.

Anonymous, I would love to mail a print newspaper to every home in the county -- but the economics simply don't work.

The internet, happily, levels the playing field. We are very excited about launching a separate online paper,, that will serve ALL of Vero Beach (not to mention ALL of Sebastian, Fellsmere, Gifford, and the unincorporated county).

It doesn't cost us any more to reach every online home in the county via the internet, so we don't have to worry about where the money would come from to deliver a print Vero News to thousand of additional readers.

Watching what is happening with print newspapers around the country, it is our guess that it ultimately comes down to an online versus an online

Hopefully, residents of Indian River County will choose to support a local news publication the way they used to support the PJ before it became stuffed with news from Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, etc.

Time will tell. Thanks.

Mr Vero said...

Milton, has your newspaper changed its editorial guidelines that it will only do stories on people who live on the Barrier Island? That's what we were told early last year when you wouldn't do a story on a son who lived off island but would happily do a story on the father who happens to live on the island... Maybe economics and readership have forced you to expand your horizons? I hope so. More money on the West side of the water is real.


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