Sunday, June 21, 2009


The secret squirrel sent us a message that our friend, Mr. Ken Daige, needed some help. Since Miss Vero will always oblige our friends, we are posting a letter that the PJ could not (due to their deadlines or some such thing). Mr. Daige is always vigilant about the goings on in the city and this is the least we can do to help him. We appreciate his dedication to help folks in Vero.
So here it is:

Another Vero Beach City Council Special Call Meeting is being held Monday, June 22 at City Hall at 9:30 A.M. Even if it is posted in the newspaper, it is usually so small and uninformative that it does not attract the attention of the taxpayer. The City Website does not indicate what the meeting is about.

Previous newspaper notices from Sebastian and Fellsmere have larger more informative notices for the public.

Vero Beach City Council has held a series of meetings where public input has been severely restricted or not allowed.

Numerous resolutions have come across the Council dais that will financially strain the taxpayer.

More often than not the taxpayer does not know how much money is spent or specifically for what purpose. ‘One has to know the correct question.’

The taxpayer needs to ask why is 7 million dollars needed for the electric plant and 7 million for the water and sewer system.

And why is it needed now?

What immediate expenses does the City of Vero Beach expect to incur that necessitates advanced internal funds?

What revenue streams will be used to reimburse these funds?

What will cause the Mayor, City Manager, Finance Director, City Clerk
AND THEIR DESIGNEES to take action without conferring with Council
at the dais?

The Vero Beach City Charter affords equal duty and responsibility to all Council members.

With these two resolutions the City Council will relinquish its financial responsibility and without referendum the Vero Beach City Charter will be changed to a Strong Mayor, City Manager form of government.

The taxpayer has no time afforded to them to contact City Council before this meeting.

Ken Daige
Vero Beach

This is the first time Miss Vero has had access to the internet in a while, so we'll have to be brief. We should be able to catch up with y'all by the end of the week.

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