Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well hunnies we are back! And just in time for the humidity festival y'all are havin'! Seriously, could it get any hotter? It is just miserable and we are swelterin' somethin' fierce. As we wandered around Corey's drugstore, trying to remember what in the heck we came for, we noticed the terrazzo floor under our feet and remembered our ole Grandmammies house with her terrazzo floors, jalousie windows and NO DANG AIR CONDITIONING! How did we ever manage kids? Somehow growin up in Florida was cooler then, don't ask us how.

We dragged ourselves out this past weekend to catch up on what y'all have been up to and we started out at Downtown Friday. Sure it was fun, but the heat and lack of martinis made us move toward another Downtown establishment with AC that has us so spoiled. We did manage to say hello to Commissioner and Mrs. Peter O'Bryan. As y'all know by now, Miss Vero just loves to see our elected officials, mingling with the constituents and out and about in town. We don't give a flying rat what y'all's net worth is, just get to know the folks y'all represent. In fact, why doesn't the city council set up a booth for everyone to visit with on these occasions? I'm sure a lot of folks would be happy to give a nice "howdy and here's how we think you're doin" to the politicians they elected.

Commissioner and Mrs. Peter O'Bryan

It was just too hot, so we ambled over to Cafe Mojo, where an even hotter jazz improv was happening at the open mic night. There's Billy Collins on the right, pretending to jump in and perform. He's quite a character. Billy and Caroline have really put together impressive crowds on Friday nights. They've created the perfect coffee house scene.

Of course the crowd at Undertow was just as hot and rockin and the beauty of that little downtown area is that y'all can buy art, have dinner, drinks and music, just by walkin' around the block!

Did we mention it was hot? This could be the reason - Jesse and Dolf Kahle were hanging out. Honestly, could those boys be any cuter? We don't what their Mama put in their milk, but it sure did work! Miss Vero needs to get these two on a calendar, perhaps we can convince Vero Polo to let us head the committee for fund raising next year and choose some calendar photos, there's an assignment we wouldn't mind at all!

Y'all would think that by midnight it would of cooled down just a bit, but no hunnies, it got hotter still! The kids started dancin' on the bar and the drinks were flowin', just a typical Friday night at the "Epicenter of Cool" - Undertow!

Now Saturday night we decided to check out the wine tasting and dinner party at Culinary Capers. That's right, something a little different. Miss Vero and gal pals found a little summer special that we'd wished we'd known about sooner. Along with Great Spirits, Culinary Capers puts on a little monthly special that is both affordable and delicious. For $32 each we had a four course meal paired with wines that were available for purchase - and they even had a case discount! Y'all know we loved that. The entrees were lamb chops and onion crusted grouper and we must say, our dinner was fabulous. We always love it when we are surprised by something in Vero that we should have known about. We checked out their website and it looks like they'll be having an Oktoberfest, but nothing scheduled for September. Perhaps with a few requests, we might persuade Curt, and his team at Culinary Capers, to let us come back.
Here's the links:


Now as much fun as we had at dinner, when we all piled into our luxury limo, we gasped when we realized it was only 9:45 and we had no plan for what was next. What was happening? What was still open? And most importantly, who would appreciate the fabulous ensembles we had painstakingly put together for our evening out? As always the answer is...DRAG QUEENS!

Yes, we would find Drag Queens and kids we are certain that by now y'all know (thanks to little ole Miss Vero) that this town is full of 'em! Our good pal, Fran Love was happy to see us walk into the Clubhouse Bar and Grill, just in time for the regular Saturday night Drag Show!

Isn't it amazing? the same mirrored disco ball above the taxpayers luncheon crowd, where Congressman Bill Posey spoke, does it's disco duty on Drag night! Texas holdem, sports bar, trivia, political luncheons and Drag Queens, all under one roof! Yee Haaa! All we can say is - THANKS FRAN!

Miss Alexi Leigh gives a girl a piece of her mind.

Y'all can check out all the goings on at the Clubhouse on their myspace page:

Don't forget on Tuesday night there's another show over at Cosmic Charlie's. Y'all know that "tavern" that 's being affected by the road construction, just south of McKee, in the plaza where y'all get a driver's license? Yeah, that place. Seems we read a little blurb somewhere about that. Funny, no mention of the "Cosmic Buns" party on Tuesday and certainly no mention of Kelli Randall, one of the most fabulous Drag Queens to ever appear in Vero. Hmmm. Now that's odd, that someone would go to all the trouble of writing something and not mentioning that, don't y'all think?

Speaking of directing traffic to a social networking site, a certain someone is sure obsessed about getting "fans" and countin' comments. Sure hope that certain someone didn't choose a tragic topic just to collect the coveted comment numbers. tsk, tsk.

Let's just say that Miss Vero enjoys social networking in a different way. If y'all want to be our "fan" go right ahead, we sure do love that, but we 'd prefer that y'all just let us know where the party is . Do y'all know about some fun that we're missing? "Fan" us, "friend" us, email us, just make sure we get the invite!

Well it sure is good to be back and doing what we do best, partyin' and poking at folks that need it. Lookin forward to hearin' from y'all soon, till then...


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