Friday, January 15, 2010


Oh hunnies! Has it really been this long since Miss Vero visited with y'all? A whole, entire month since we posted at What in tarnation has our gin soaked brain been up to? Well, y'all might say we've been in hibernation mode or y'all might say we've been in hyper-nation mode depending on how y'all look at these things.

Yes, Miss Vero has been out and about around town but we've also been busy on a top secret project out of town - a little sumthin we like to call "refillin' the coffers" if y'all know what we mean...

So let's back track a little bit and just as excitin' as watchin' your neighbors vacation video, let us tell y'all what we did during the Great Winter of Vero 2009 ('cause today it's back in the 70's and the Great winter of Vero is officially over).

Let's see... where did we leave off? Oh yes, Vegas. What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas but we did manage to bring back a photo of our Bonanno sandals in front of the Fabulous Las Vegas sign. Y'all know that Miss Vero is not as limber as we once were so getting our ole leg up that high was quite a accomplishment! While we did hobnob with celebrity friends and attend some rockin' parties, our biggest thrill was meeting the "Old Man" from the History channel show "Pawn Stars". We just walked right into the Famous Gold and Silver Pawn shop and there they were, all three generations, just like on TV! What can we say? It's the peculiar things in life that make us happy hunnies.

But back in Vero there were a quite few Christmas parties that needed attending and our favorite soiree was at the lovely home of Miss Michelle Genz, who, by the way, is a fabulous hostess with an exceptional local to entertain. We bumped into our pal Jose Lambiet, Gossip God at the Palm Beach Post and caught up with all the celebrity goin's on. Then, a few rowdy Miss Vero fans literally dragged us to an after party at Miss Fran Love's Clubhouse, where there just happened to be a Drag Show and other such debauchery. All we can say is that a certain Miss Claudia is an instigator who will get y'all in trouble every time. HA! Just kidding kids, y'all know the truth is that Miss Vero enjoys every minute of fun and is truly the spark that ignites that troublemakin' fire! A big ole MWAH! to Miss Claudia for being so much fun and to Miss Fran for givin' us so much Love!

On Christmas eve we were back in town (somewhat unusual for us) and went out looking for a party. It felt like Vero had become the Island of Misfit Toys, stragglers wandering around like olives without martinis, just looking for a leader and so we found our niche and prepared to fill it. Joey's had a quiet grand opening party that night and we enjoyed the hospitality of Mr. John Bono and his fabulous brick oven pizzas. We met up with Mr. Bob Moulder from the new Citrus Grillhouse as he was enjoying the quiet time before his grand opening next month. By now the word is out and last weekend when we got to Joey's again the place was PACKED!!! It is by far the hottest thing that has hit Vero since....well, since us! we don't have to wish them luck, only offer congratulations because they've hit it big hunnies. Mr. Bono promises that they will be open each and every night, kitchen open till 12:30 and bar open till 1am. Finally... a real night club in Vero.

And then it was out of town again, feeling like a pinball bouncin' around and the one thing we regret is missing Miss JJ's New Year's Day party. Howevah, we were so pleased to see Miss JJ honored on the front page of verobeach32963's January 7th edition with a wonderful story that y'all MUST read. Y'all might remember back last spring, (March 3rd, to be exact) we did a little post about a party we did attend at Miss JJ's home where she greeted everyone with a huge silver bowl full of mint juleps! Now y'all can understand why we are so sorry we missed the New Years Day party!

The saga of Good Ole Charlie Wilson and Mr. Ken Daige. Hmmm, what to say about that? Those were our choices for City Council back when the election was on. Funny how things work out. We wish Mr. Daige the very best and are genuinely happy for his appointment. We know how much this means to him and how hard he is willing to work for his community and as we have said before, we also know that his hiatus has given him a new perspective and we expect him to not be the same Ken Daige this time around. As for Charlie...somehow we think he'll be all right. He's weathered this storm and everything serves a purpose. Given his short time in office and the excellent coverage by Lisa Zahner on local politics, perhaps the citizens of Vero Beach will now demand better representation and more transparency of their elected officials. One thing we love, the look of utter frustration and impending heartburn on Tom White's face every time Vero Beach City Councilman Brian Heady (Ha!) begins a sentence. Every. Single. Time.

As always the fun continues downtown, emanating out from the Epicenter of Cool - Undertow and rippling over Cafe Mojo and Bodega Blue. Last Friday night was a trifecta of fun with all three hotspots offering live music to cool and curious crowds. One of Miss Vero's favorite blues boys, Ben Prestage, gave a standing room only performance at Bodega. We also ran into our favorite Mayor Kevin Sawnick (who has his own website!) and we just love to see out and about. This weekend should be no slacker and expect to see these three establishment hummin along once again. and the best thing is y'all can find a central place to park downtown and WALK to all three.

Times up! Y'all don't have the attention span for more of our bablin' do you? Didn't think so, but hunnies there is so much more...Please click on all the highlighted fabulous links and oh, we almost forgot - THE SHOW! Yes, some of the children who house sit for us thought it would be fun to turn on a camera and record their antics in Miss Vero's absence. Well we expected them to raid the alkeehaul of course, but who knew they could be entertaining to boot? Who know what may come of it? Yes, indeed.


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