Thursday, March 25, 2010



Miss Vero can hardly keep up with our self these days and what have we been up to y'all may ask? Good things kids, good things. Now, if y'all have been paying attention - and we sure as sugah hope that's the case, y'all will remember that Miss Vero is neither a Republican nor a Democrat but an Independent who likes to think for themselves. That being said, we have indeed attended many a Republican function, because honestly y'all can't swing a cat without running into one. So imagine our joy when we get to even out the score card with a few, shall we say, more enlightened soirees.

One in particular that we are supportive and most fond of is Planned Parenthood. And those of y'all that think this is all about killin' babies need to get your ignorant heads out from behind your hateful signs and listen up. Perhaps if we can prevent a tragic, unwanted pregnancy from ever happening through education and birth control, the need for the thing that y'all hate so much, just might not be needed after all! Besides, y'all can't legislate morality any more than y'all can legislate stupidity. In other words kids, making somethin' illegal doesn't make it disappear, it only makes it accessible to those who can afford it. Rich women will still get abortions, only it'll be known as a "procedure" and poor women will have unwanted children or worse, die. Well that's the way it was before Roe V. Wade and that's the way it'll be if we ever go back in time. Period. Off our soapbox now, thank y'all very much.

What? Simmer down, we hear ya. Y'all don't want your tax dollars goin' to certain things. Yup, Miss Vero agrees whole heartedly. We don't want our tax dollars going to kill babies neither! Only the babies we're talking about are those that are some one's son or daughter in a foreign land. Bring those babies home NOW. Hey, Do y'all think if we stand in front of the recruiters office with a graphic sign, it'll end the "war"? See? It's a stupid idea.

Ayright, enough deep thinkin', let's talk about the party.

Miss Vero was so delighted when our high society friend, Miss Mary Schenkel, called and invited us to the Cocktails with a Twist party for Planned Parenthood, Tuesday night. Actually, all we heard was "cocktails...blah, blah, blah..." and we were out the door. When we arrived at the Vero Beach Country Club, not only were we surprised at the number of attendees but also at the wonderful evening planned. There were cocktails (of course), food, auctions, awards and incredible dancing. It was like a private show of Dancing with Vero's Stars. Miss Pam Director was not only a gracious hostess but dazzled the guests with her dancing talent!

Dr. Harold Schulman and his wife Rosie, who we knew many years ago, were feted and thanked for their tireless work with Planned Parenthood. Y'all can read Miss Mary's account (and see some really great pictures!) of the evening right here:

And while Miss Mary was working, we did manage to snap a picture of her! Y'all know she's gonna hate us for this, but oh well...if y'all go out with Miss Vero, be prepared to have fun!


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