Saturday, March 13, 2010


We do declare, it all started so innocently....

On an other wise rainy and what could have been a boring Thursday afternoon, Miss Vero was introduced to the most amazing new product that we think will be a part of our regular repertoire. It just so happens that we have made the acquaintance of a wonderful gentleman, Mr. Christian Castren, who is the Vice President of Sales for this product. What is it y'all may ask? Well, it's Vodka distilled from Oranges! Florida Oranges! Could anything be more perfect for Miss Vero?

We are invitin' y'all to check out their website:

We certainly hope that it will be available in our area and perhaps some savvy barkeep or resort will be smart enough to offer it soon because it is exceptional. We can image Miss Vero with a chilled glass of 4oranges in our hand at all times and no, we have not been paid to say that, but we can dream!


But it got bored quickly and left.

Ayright, for any of y'all that missed out on seeing Jambalaya, well hunnies, y'all most certainly did miss the most spectacular event that we have witnessed on a stage in this town. Evah!

We can't even tell y'all how long the show was, because we were slack-jaw and perpetually amazed - as was the rest of the audience from start to finish. It was truly astonishing and hunnies, that is quite a lot to say since Miss Vero has seen just about everythin'.

Combine Cirque du Soleil, a Broadway Musical, Las Vegas showgirls and Carnival in Rio with a Caribbean flavor, mix in a few of y'all's favorite songs and that would be just the tip of the iceberg. The first number sung by the incredibly talented Hunter Gerard ( who everyone fell in love with instantly) was "The Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya". Boy, did it and how appropriate given that the after party was held at Costa D'Este.

Fabulous Producers and great friends of Miss Vero - Mr. Chris Foster and Mr. Mark Wygonik (along with Miss Tanya Burka - Amazing Aerialist Performer) have a hit on their hands!

Y'all would think that after a grueling show that the dancers would be a bit tired but these professionals danced it into the ground at Costa. Now we have nevah claimed to be a great photographer but Miss Vero did have to jump up to take this shot when the crowd gathered round Miss Cici Kelley as she danced to Beyonce's "Single Ladies". No big deal for Miss Cici, since she also happened to appear with Beyonce at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards performing the exact same routine. Yes Ma'am, that's a sample of the talent of this show.

Of course our little Liam and party girl Annie were having a splendid time!

Spanish Gutarist Kenny Nieves poses with principle singer and Motown recording artist Miss Regi Brown.

So many talented dancers and incredible singers Fredericka Meek and Travis Lathareo Clark were all on hand mingling with home grown Vero kids who have obviously done well for themselves as members of this exceptional show.


It was quite a strange, eclectic but obviously party oriented little gathering. Y'all know there's so much we simply cannot show or tell, so here's the G-rated version kids:

Magnificent Megan strikes her best 1940's pin up pose - adorable!

Have y'all met Shorty? Well look out because this very tall drink of trouble is in town and brought his DJ skills to Dukes bar at the Surf Club Hotel for Liam's Soiree. Shorty's motto is "I spill more than most people drink". Oh, my. Miss Vero is betting that Shorty Vest will become quite the popular boy. Did we mention he's a model?

And here's Miss Claudia, Miss Caroline and that rascal Mr. Billy Collins sharin' the love. Poor Miss Claudia couldn't move a muscle because of a serious health issue, so we all made sure to keep her comfortable. Bless her heart for having the courage to come out on crutches, we all wish her a speedy and full recovery.

Fab Fun Freddy! Our dear friend, "Muse of the World" introduced us a while back and Miss Vero just loves Freddy, he's always so positive and high-larious-ly Fuuunnnneeeey. MWAH!

Dukes Bar at The Surf Club hotel -Sorry bar staff if we had y'all runnin' but thanks for being such great hosts! And one more pic we just love...

Shorty Vest and our Birthday Boy Liam. Liam started of the evening in cool white slacks with a blue paisley shirt and gorgeous white hat with retro stripes and later changed into his Lady Gaga inspired black cowboy ensemble. Quite a party indeed.


It 's sad but true kids, Undertow, the "Epicenter of Cool" has been sold and the new owners are there as we speak transitioning smoothly with Miss Kitty Wagner. What are the details? Well, we suppose we'll all find out soon enough.

We're just so happy for Miss Kitty on her life changing year, the sale of Undertow and her engagement to handsome French Canadian, Mr. Pierre Doyle. Miss Vero and Miss Kitty have become quite close over the years and as much as we're gonna miss our favorite hang out, we are none the less, overjoyed for our friend's happiness.

What a turn out! Deb Daley and friends held a successful and fun- fundraiser for Relay for Life Sunday afternoon, with some fabulous raffle prizes and the greatest band to come out of Vero - The Land Sharks!

Perhaps our old pal, Mr. Max Newport can verify this but we somehow remember the Land Sharks playin' at Marvin Gardens back in the day. Y'all would have to be here more than twenty minutes to know that (translation - that's more then twenty years in Vero time).

Up to actual good this time -There's our Darling Miss Charlotte and Miss "BB" enjoying the fabulous weather on the patio of Undertow.

Miss Kitty enjoying the last days of her Kingdom.


The scene - an elbow to elbow packed veranda and dining room. Now, we could have taken a few pictures but to be honest, y'all would not have been able to recognize a soul. It was a Sea of Blue Blazers - the Island of John uniform and haute beach couture. Why, Miss Vero even noticed a perfectly coiffed matriarch in what was believed to be a classic pale yellow channel suit. Indeed.

Try as they might, the usual flock of well to do Veroites adored one another, yet the real belle of the ball was the food, the decor, the service and the perfect ocean views that is the Citrus Grill House.

We did have a little chuckle to see Mr. John Jetson (not attired in the obligatory blue blazer but just as fetchin') brush past us. Miss Vero had heard through the grapevine that he'd been askin' about us and well, there we were!

General Manager and gracious host Mr. Bob Moulder greeted us, as well as Chef/Owner Scott Varricchio. The attention to detail, from the tobacco barn wood floors in the dining room, to the delectable appetizers served meticulously by well trained and pleasant staff, will guarantee that the newest addition to Vero's dining scene will be an instant success.

Miss Vero recommends y'all make reservations.

And now, we must rest up for who knows what adventure is just around the corner, hope to see y'all soon...


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