Thursday, March 25, 2010



Do y'all think that it would be news worthy to interview the Democratic candidate opposing birth-certificate-obsessed Congressman Bill Posey? Nah, not here in good ole Red Indian River County, hunnies.

But Miss Shannon Roberts was there to meet, greet and collect the necessary signatures to get her on the ballot and guess what SHE'S A ROCKET SCIENTIST!!!!

No, not really. We were just takin' a tip out of the Congressman Posey alarmist playbook.

But she did work for NASA and has some real qualifications like a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, with a minor in International Relations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; a Master of Public Administration Degree from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and a Doctor of Public Administration Degree with a focus on government and business effectiveness from the University of Southern California.

So there.

It is Miss Vero's pleasure to introduce to y'all - Miss Shannon Roberts! Who will, if anyone who has a brain votes, be our next United States Congresswoman.

Now if y'all think we're being a little unfair to our Republican Realtor incumbent, Mr. Posey, we'll just provide y'all with the information to make an informed decision all by your selves:

Miss Shannon Roberts for District 15

Mr Bill Posey currently representin' District 15

And quite frankly kids, we're just about as tired of him as he is of his cushy leather seat.

Oh yeah, we're done trash talkin', so let Miss Vero tell y'all about the coolest thing at the Democratic headquarters party last Sunday - THE BAND! They were the cutest bunch of kids we've evah seen in town, rocking with songs we actually knew the words to! Adorable! If there's one thing that Miss Vero loves, it's children that are useful. We can't stand spoiled little whiners "But I can't get a job, I'm only twelve!" excuses, excuses.

Anyhoo, they call themselves "Urban Warfare". They have a facebook page (doesn't everybody) that is in severe need of updating, hopefully our little blurb will prompt them to get up to speed. We hear that they'll be playing at the 2010 Hibiscus festival with another teen band called "Mercury", so we'll look forward to seeing lead singer Scott Tavlin and his crew. Y'all can click on the link for the very detailed info.

Our Democratic Mayor, Mr. Kevin Sawnick was in attendance and at this point we pretty much see him every where we go, so yes, he's out and about doin' his mayorly job. We don't think y'all need to see another picture of Mayor Sawnick from Miss Vero, so we decided to post a picture of some one who just looks like a politician.

Who is this gorgeous couple? It's Miss Vero's friends, Mr. Jorge Colon and his beautiful wife Mayra! Both talent attorneys here in Vero and we are honored to be of their acquaintance. A big MWAH! to our mutual friend, who made the introduction of Miss Vero to the Colons. Why are we so enamored? Well, in spite of the fact that every one would love to see Mr. Colon run for public office, he is busy with his work at Harvest Food Outreach, which deserves a post all it's own...



LDouglas said...

Well Miss Shannon Roberts will make the race more interesting.

It should help that she's smart, has worked at NASA, and has that beautiful smile and nice head of flaming red hair (good recognition). :-)

Oh, and about that Chinese proverb. I always thought it was a Republican proverb. (Lost on them in translation though) ;-) ;-)

No, I'm not a Democrat either...

LDouglas said...

So, just 4 more days and counting. Hmmm.... Curiousity is piqued. (Though I want to say peaked.)