Tuesday, April 20, 2010

“I'm afraid of nothing except being bored” *

* Greta Garbo

Was it any wonder that Miss Vero instantly fell in love with the gorgeous print on the wall in STAX? What's that? Just what exactly is STAX? Well, we did tell y'all that Miss Kitty Wagner sold the Epicenter of Cool- Undertow and it is now officially reopened and renamed "STAX".

As fond as our memories will be, the new restaurant has seamlessly blended the best of Undertow with a complete makeover and fascinatin' new menu. First of all, the old girl has gotten a new dress, thanks to the magic of Eco Colour. The interior is fabulous and the restrooms are chic and Veroesque - another great addition to the downtown scene.

Miss Vero was kindly invited to the soft opening last Wednesday night with many family and friends of the new owners Jim and Jane, who are long part time (and now full time!) residents of Summer Place.

Chef Josh Niebels turned out some new favorites like cheese crisps with cream-cheese pepper jelly (a Southern staple, sugah) and a lick-the-plate asparagus and fruit salad with a yummy Asian dressing. Nothing on the menu over $18 and that includes a melt in your mouth, buttery filet mignon.

In fact, Miss Jane has the menu "stacked" so that chicken, salmon, mahi, tuna or the buttery filet can be added to any small plate or salad and most of the chefs presentations are "stacked" as well. Our particular favorite is the corn pudding base that is "stacked" with a green salsa, red Mexican BBQ sauce and pulled pork.

So now y'all get the name right?

We also like the idea of having continuous service from noon through dinner, so that if y'all would like to go in for cocktails and appetizers it's a treat to be able to enjoy some Smack fish spread with your favorite libation, indeed it still remains a full liquor bar. Y'all do know about Smack, right? Oh, hunnies it is the absolute best fish spread EVAH!

Miss Jane also suggested coming in late in the evening for a sweet fix and the New Orleans bread pudding is to die for, so save room for this one kids.

So there y'all have it - Official Grand Opening, Sunday May 16th. Miss Vero suggests that y'all get in a little sooner before the word gets out. Who will be able to resist great food, wonderful hosts and reasonable prices? Y'all will see some familiar faces and a few reminders of the Undertow but hunnies, this is definitely not the same old place and we doubt there will be any dancing on the bar anytime soon. Looks like Miss Vero will just have to calm down a bit!

Check out the STAX facebook page for all the details and check out Miss Vero's facebook page for a few pics.



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