Friday, May 23, 2008


Y'all know where this is? It's Earl's Hideaway! Miss Vero got these groovy pics offa their website:

Miss Vero loves Earl's for serving alkeehol at 7am! And in all the years Miss Vero has been in and about Indian River County, we've only been tossed outa one establishment and we're proud to say it was Earl's! Yup only once. Just one time there was a teeny, tiny little misunderstanding . But children, that was back in the lazy crazy days of Sebastian and that place and time no longer exists.


These days, Miss Vero gasps in disbelief at the Key West style McMasions, along Indian River drive. We like to take that route when we are going to visit the Count and Countess du Roseland, their tasteful and incredibly artistic home is (thankfully) hidden among the neighborhood. Driving along the river, Miss Vero is reminded of just how cool Sebastian used to be. Change is inevitable, yes, but who'd ever thought they'd see the day when Earl's had a website?

Billing itself as "The Only Biker Bar You Will Ever Need", Earl's has certainly lost it's danger factor over the years. Miss Vero remembers when she first came to town and was warned - "Don't EVER go to Earl's, you'll get stabbed!" To which Miss Vero enthusiastically begged - "Let's Go To Earl's!"
Now that Harley Davidson's are as common as dirt, it seems that anyone with an extra ten grand and a mid life crisis has one. Miss Vero prefers her hog owners to be the old school type. The ones that could make you shake in fear or fall in love, preferably both in the same night. But let's not scoot down that road.


Speaking of manly men, Miss Vero had a pleasant chat yesterday with, pull no punches, Dr. John. Miss Vero and Dr. John have had many good times along that riverfront. Y'all remember Dr. John? Our Love Doctor friend? Refer to our May 9th blog "Vero Porn and the Pursuit of Happiness" if-in you need a refresher. Miss Vero wonders why that WZZR radio station doesn't give him his own damn show? Obviously, there is no lack of people needin a quick dose of mental health care in this area and our Dr. John is just the one to dispense it. That's always the way, isn't it kids? People who make sense are silenced while stupidity reigns.

Speakin of Stoopid -Have a safe weekend children, remember it's amateur time so the Po-Po are out in full force just waitin to give y'all a room at the IRC Inn. Don't be an idiot, hire yourself a damn cab, so much cheaper than a DUI. Miss Vero does NOT know this from experience because we take our own advice. And if any of y'all go to Earl's for their Memorial Day bash, have a cocktail for me.


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