Thursday, May 22, 2008


Miss Vero does not know how much more of this we can take. We have mentioned the Press Journal's restaurant critic, Diana Foote, five times already for her ridiculous musings. Y'all remember the time she mulled over a decision to wear a fur to lunch in Vero? Read it if you must:

After her little rant yesterday about the Patio (which Miss Vero has thoroughly covered, thank you very much), we are takin off the gloves! Check this out:


This woman is really "Out to lunch" and Miss Vero is gonna prove it. First she name drops Tony Bourdain and then quotes him gushing over the film;

"Ratatouille" "quite simply the best food movie ever made...
the best restaurant movie ever made. The best chef movie."

Oh really? How about mentioning the fact that Mr. Bourdain was paid to be a consultant on this project?

She goes on -supposedly in her own words- to tell you:

"Animation is so advanced now that you could see the old
burns on the arms of the chefs who got too close to the heat."

That's funny, in Mr. Bourdain's original statement he had a similar observation;
"The tiny details are astonishing: The faded burns on the cooks' wrists."

Here's the original article quoting Mr. Bourdain exactly, compare it children, to the garbage that Miss Foote is PAID to produce for the Press Journal.

Apparently you missed the Journalism Ethics 101 class at Vassar, Miss Foote.
Miss Vero is callin you out on the playground girl.

And how dare you, Marilyn Bauer, feature editor for the Press Journal, allow this type of trash to be printed. Being the only paper in town does not give you the right to promote crap, even if it is a dinky restaurant review, have you no standards?
Pul-ease! I beg you, put her out of My Misery!

Will we ever get a decent periodical in this town kids? Ohh wait! Miss Vero just remembered why we started blogging!

Y'all know it's a double martini day don'tcha?


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Anonymous said...

Miz Vero,

I guess that was a big ol’ rat you smelled last week (May 22 blog), ‘cause we smelled it too!

Miss Foote makes sooooo many grammatical, spelling, and fact errors, one wonders where to begin!! Or, even if one should begin. Some times we have to accept that you can lead a hog to slop, but you can’t make him eat. (‘Course, a “silk purse” line would fit here too, but I digress.)

I have one word for Miss Foote: “Dictionary”. Lots of places have them. Some people even use them. If Miss Out-to-lunch would go to the library (it’s a big building full of books), one of those nice library-ladies would probably be willing to show Miss Foote how to use a dictionary.

To what do I refer, specifically? I will only address one faux pas: the line in Miss Foote’s “Out to Lunch” article of May 21, in which she refers to the Great Waldo as the “scion” of the Sexton family. A quick look into one of those mystical “dictionaries” would show Miss Foote that “scion” means “a: descendant, child; especially : a descendant of a wealthy, aristocratic, or influential family b: heir”. Ralph Sexton is the scion of the Sexton family. The Great Waldo was a patriarch and is an ancestor.

Although the d├ęcor of restaurants is important, I personally believe that a “food critic” should occasionally address other aspects of the restaurants reviewed like, maybe, THE FOOD!

Lovin’ your blog Miz Vero.