Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well kids, the Press Journal sure does like to report on the misery of poor Mr. Don Studley. Just take a look at this unfortunate fella trying to get his due back from that Ira Hatch pile o'cow plop.

Is that all Miss Vero? No, hunnies, y'all know it's not. Last month the PJ, seeing fit to air everyone's dirty laundry - since there's no news and they hafta fill up space, reported Mr. Studley's dee-vorce AND foreclosure!

Yup, poor, poor, Mr. Studley. Gone are the days when his big ole real estate boomin billboard welcomed northbound I-95 travelers into Indian River County. Miss Vero does not personally know Mr. Studley, but we are thinkin he's probably just a regular hustlin bubba (even if he is a yankee) who got hisself caught up in some Fellsmere muck. At least the Hometown News gave him his propers:


In Mr. Studley's local glory days, he was hooked up with a man by the name of Jeff Parsons. These boys and a woman named Kathy Gates had a little business venture called MESA Park in Fellsmere. They started out booking some mud bog racing or such- things that Miss Vero would have no clue as to the nature of. Then they booked the headliner, Mr. Willie Nelson, (who Miss Vero does know!) for what was promised to be the first of big entertainment to come. Just look at all the opening optimism back in 1998:

Where did all this big time MESA start up money come from? Miss Vero is glad y'all asked, because now we will tell you a little story of some high falutin times back in the gay '90s. There were rumors, if Miss Vero recalls, that project money was connected to the sale of some technology in Vero Beach to the emerging Internet giant AOL. And, since one time AOL captain of industry, Ted Leonis, was the mayor of Orchid Island and facilitated some such deal, Miss Vero tends to think there is sumthin to this. But remember, we said rumors.

Now acquiring funds and managing funds are two different things. And if-in y'all spend your newly acquired windfall like a drunken sailor on leave in Singapore, well...
It just so happens that Mr. Parsons and Mr. Studley were doing a little R&D in Naples, Florida back in '98. Primin the pump to their muddy investment.

And wouldn'tcha know it? Miss Vero was at the same time vacationing at the fabulous Ritz Carlton in Naples. While there, Miss Vero was invited to a decadent little party at a place called "Heaven Cigars" where a private cigar aficionado lounge stocked with flowing champagne awaited us! When we told the hosts that we were from Vero Beach, they asked if we knew Mr. Parsons. It turns out that he was one of their best customers, he even had his name on a brass plated plaque on his private humidor in the cigar vault. In fact, he had just ordered hundreds of personalized cigars to be shipped to Vero. My, the stories they told. Turns out that place also had a few legal issues along the way and ended up being owned by a cocktail waitress who worked there! Miss Vero says good for you, girl!

Very long story some what short, things quickly fell apart for the MESA trio and after hittin the auction block, MESA Park is now ancient history. New interest recently from Fellsmere progress proponent, monopoly player, hotshot City Manager Jason Nunemaker, who has his sites on acquisition:

Now Miss Vero likes to tell this story not to embarrass Mr. Studley, bless his heart, but to admire him. He stayed in Vero, he tried his hand at real estate - it's not his fault the market went sour. And then he sat hisself down on the court house steps with a very lovely pre-printed sign asking for what is his. He sure does seem to be a positive and persistent man and with that ten gallon Stetson, he makes a colorful character in Vero. Good luck to you Mr. Studley, we admire your stayin power.

Miss Vero is thoroughly exhausted by that story and will have to recoup with a little cocktail. Thanks for all the emails kids! And a special hello to Miss Robin, who is trying her best to report on the Book Festival via the PJ, Good luck to you girl!



Miss B. Havior said...

Miss Vero,

When I was just a wee troublemaker on St Simons Island, one of my artsy-fartsy drinkin' buddies was a native of Vero. Not just any native, his family owned the third residence built on Johns Island. Original owners and all, ya know.
We called him Mr. Sparkle Pants, for obvious reasons and he will certainly remember me. Anyhoo, not once in our friendship, did I ever hear him refer to his home town except to call it, ZERO BEACH.
Meandering to the point.
As you have kindly pointed out, our community shot down the offer of the fabulous Gloria Estefan for a benefit concert, so of course our community will let the Book Festival lay gasping for breath in the street. I mean, come on, who here will pick up the phone with their well manicured hand and call the ambulance? God forbid that the service class reads, who will clean the beachies homes and mow the lawns?
And Downtown? Puleese!It's not Ocean Drive and it's not the mall. FSM forbid, that Vero shows the same insight and forward thinking that Fort Pierce has shown, recreating their downtown to a destination.
SO there you have it, Mr. Sparkle Pants was right and remains right, we do live in Zero Beach.
Thank goodness the ABC remains well stocked.

PS Anybody who is makin' trouble for that Hatch character, is ooh-tay with moi.

Cowboynvero said...

Dear Ms Vero
Your remembrance of the articles about Mr Studley were completely true.
Yes MESA PARK did not make it. But
He did bring in talent of all kinds to Fellsmere, Weekly Television shows, family entertainment, and millions of dollars to spend, Newspaper Items, Taxes to our local governmental agencies,as well as bringing water and sewer to this small commuity
In fact he started to do concerts in the city of Sebastian and the city felt it would be a major
problem.(the concert was Tammy Wynette's Christmas show)
One more thing Mr.Studley was the gentleman that was the guy behind the movement to secure Ms Estefan.
guaranteeing the city of NO cost.
I'll never forget him and his talent.
who would know about Jeff Parsons and his cigar club. A very nice lady
in Vero Beach. And I'm flattered
She found me of any interest all.
One last thing Studley Had the nerve to try to do something for the people. Not one person came to the table in the entire County of Indian River to help. As for me Vero I found her to be a very special person and a great coffee
maker. Thanks for telling the story
If anyone cares I'm thankful.

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