Wednesday, May 7, 2008



Did any of y'all go see him last night at the Vero Beach Book Center? Miss Vero had a previous engagement and could not attend Mr. Hiaasen's book sale. Miss Vero already has several of Mr. Hiaasen's signed works in her collection and was on the Miami Herald writer's fan wagon for the last twenty years - until now. Yesterday's New York Times sums it up:

"Quail Valley, the Florida golf club where Carl Hiaasen plays, looks like the kind of place where some of the creeps who populate his novels — the environmental despoilers, glad-handing lobbyists and politicians on the take — might belong."
Read the full article if y'all are so inclined:

Mr.Hiaasen moves to Vero, takes up golf and what? Looses his mind apparently. Oh, Carl, may we call you Carl? Miss Vero is deeply distraught over your descent into the dark world and wishes you would come to your fool senses.

Miss Vero supposes that we will have to continue to get our giggle from another favorite Florida boy, Tim Dorsey.
Mr. Dorsey is very well versed in Florida history, yet his knowledge of quirky dive motels and drinking establishments are what entices Miss Vero. We are especially intimate with many of the locations (Oh how we miss The Big Bamboo!)

And so for now, we'll continue to receive some pleasure from Mr. Dorsey. In fact, here's a photo of Mr. Dorsey's fans at the Vero Beach Book Center, if you look real close, you can see Miss Vero!

Mr. Hiaasen has a case of trading old fans for new. This reminds Miss Vero of the story of another writer, Rick Bragg. Now while Mr. Bragg was not from Florida, he was once the Miami Bureau Chief of the New York Times, received the Pulitzer Prize for journalism and wrote well received autobiographical books, that melted many a lady pining for a good Southern man. When the bachelor Mr. Bragg came to town, every seat was filled with squirmin ladies cooing over his drawl and twang. They listened eagerly as he told his tale of his beloved mama and his inability to find the "right one". Long story short - a scandal ensued at the Times, Mr. Bragg was accused of plagiarism and hightailed it back home to Aleebamie. To heal his wounds, Miss Vero speculates, Mr. Bragg married some Tennessee chickadee, which provided further damage to Mr. Bragg's career by alienating his fan base. Miss Vero witnessed three ladies get up and walk right out of Mr. Bragg's speech at the Vero Book Festival when he announced his nuptials!

Speaking of weddings and Vero related authors, Miss Vero noticed Mr. Stuart Woods' recent marriage in the New York Times:
No mention of Mr. Woods' former Orchid Beach residence. Miss Vero wonders why Mr. Woods left Vero for bigger and better places. Perhaps the new Mrs. Woods persuaded him? We think we might like her.

Miss Vero must skidaddle quickly today children, we are meetin a lady friend for lunch at the club over looking a well manicured, resource draining, water sucking golf course. Remember children, if you want to start a revolution, it is better to do it from the inside out. Perhaps this is also Mr. Hiaasen's plan. We can only hope.

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