Tuesday, May 6, 2008


There are no shortages of celebrities or republican politicians passing through our tony little town, but unlike Rhett Palmer, Miss Vero is not interested in chasing them down. Miss Vero remembers Mr. Palmer (although Mr. Palmer will certainly not remember Miss Vero) way back in the early days when he was riding his hoopdee Continental all over the county, pimping that talk show of his. The success of which is a testament to the level of false Christian patriot rhetoric that mires this county and country alike. Yeah, I just said that.
Sometimes, children, Miss Vero's gin soaked brain has moments of deep and profound clarity, we will try to control it. Just to additionally clarify, Miss Vero has nothing against being Christian or patriotic, but has a real problem with those that manipulate these ideals for their own personal agenda.

Somebody quick mix up a batch of martinis! Once again we are forced to self medicate.

Back to Rhett Palmer. Miss Vero only wishes that she could wave a magic wand and POOF! turn him into this Rhett Palmer:

Miss Vero noticed Mr. Palmer's big half page ad in the PJ touting his interview with the GM of the new Costa d’Este Beach Resort owned by Gloria and Emilio Estefan. Who wants to start a betting pool of how long it will take Mr. Palmer to slither over the garden wall and hunt poor Mr. and Mrs. Estefan down for a real interview. And you hypocritical beachie snobs should get down on your knees and thank them for not hightailin it out of here after you gave them the Brooks Brother clad cold shoulder in 2004. For all of y'all that don't know, Mrs. Estefan was gracious enough to offer her talents for a FREE concert IN VERO BEACH after the 2004 hurricanes to help our county (Oh lawdy did we need it) and she was pooh poohed off in a not so gracious manner.

Where are those martinis! Forget it, make it Mojitos!

Why all the splainin Lucy? Well it seems that our new amigo Mr. Lemmon is confused. He starts his column today by saying (groan):

"An assortment of Lemmon Drops culled on an uneventful Cinco de Mayo: "

Aside from the date snafu, Miss Vero realizes one of Mr. Lemmon's problems. If his Cinco de Mayo was uneventful he was not one of the many who partied with the mariachis at Ay Jalisco last night! Of course Miss Vero was there, fiesta - ing it up! (Note to La Fonda - Great place great food, stoopido to be closed on Cinco de Mayo). And so, Miss Vero suggests to Mr. Lemmon that he acquire some new amigos that will provide him a mucho bueno time and perhaps be so kind as to show him el otro side of this ciudad. Do you think he could handle it? No, Miss Vero doubts it as well, but once again we offer a mano in friendship.

And so concludes our little Spanish lesson for all of our friends who will likely become expats due to the insanity which has taken over. Miss Vero herself is brushing up on her French anticipating the day when we are forced to retreat to Canada! http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/2008/02/24/75-threatening-to-move-to-canada/

Thanks for all the luvin children, bless your subversive little hearts!

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