Monday, May 5, 2008


Yes hunnies, it's true. Miss Vero contacted Mr. Lemmon to let him know that we would be discussing his Vero vocation. Now I know y'all have made a lot of nasty comments about the PJ and it's contributors, especially Mr L., but I have to tell you, Mr. Lemmon seems some what polite. Some what. Mr. Lemmon has made a few suggestions to Miss Vero and here's the gist:

Editing and Style.
Miss Vero agrees that editing should be more of a priority.
Miss Vero will try very hard to take this advise, but as we've stated before, we are only one damn person! Miss Vero concedes that at times we are running crazy like a queen at a Versace clearance sale! Hey, remember when there was a Versace store at the outlet mall for about umm.... a minute?
Yes, yes, edit.
Now in terms of style, we can only reasonably believe that Mr. Lemmon refers to writing style. If Mr. Lemmon is serious about helping Miss Vero with this issue, perhaps he would reserve a copy of "The Elements of Style" at the Vero Beach Book Center. Miss Vero prefers the illustrated Maira Kalman edition, which would be a lovely addition to Miss Vero's collection and would be a welcomed Beach House warming gift. Maybe Mr. Lemmon will even inscribe it!
So little to hope for in this Vero existence.

Mr. Lemmon stated/asked, "You can be humorous without the cheap shots. I mean, aren't you going to look foolish when your identity is revealed?" A statement like this indicates that poor Mr. Lemmon knows absolutely nothing about Miss Vero and her entourage. Stop laughing, c'mon y'all. Really I mean it, stop laughing. You Indian River County anarchists know I'm talking to you.

Miss Vero is very happy that Mr. Lemmon was polite enough to respond and hopes that we can build a bridge of tolerance.

Miss Vero hates sports, all sports, except one. Yes children we do loves us that ole Kentucky Derby! Any sport that requires a fabulous hat, alkeehol and no physical activity on our part is definitely a must. Miss Vero likens this to polo watching, not playing, watching, which we also love.
Snaps to the PJ for providing coverage - oh wait - half a snap it's mostly AP wire reprints. From this info, Miss Vero is very much saddened and sends condolences to Mr. Rick Porter and family in Hobe Sound. Those that know any thing about the horse world, know that most all horse people love, love, love those animals. And those horses, they do love to run.
Now, you've heard Miss Vero mention PETA before and Miss Vero was at one time acquainted with Mr. Dan Matthews, PETA's Senior VP (although Mr. Matthews will certainly not remember Miss Vero).
But Miss Vero is undecided about the group's stance on horse racing, liking it to Mr. Michael Vick's doggie style sport.
Hmmm, we're just not sure, but we do think that the whip should be saved for the ponie play people (Y'all are gonna hafta google this one for yourself, Miss Vero will not provide you with porno links!).
What do y'all think?
Disscuss, report.


eclipsme said...

Miss Vero has my vote, though Miss Vero will deffintely not remember me. It seems that Mr. Lemmon, drops and all, has much 'esplainin to do. Cheap shots? Oh no! For sure they cost dearly! Nothing cheap about them dahlink!. Keep on keeping on.


Miss B. Havior said...

Here is a personal tidbit for those who have met Miss Vero but do not remember her. Miss Vero’s middle name is Foolish. I have seen the birth certificate and believe it to be a family name. Of course, it is not to be confused with the Foolish that live in the Hamptons’ or the Foolish of the Palm Beaches.
Also, I encourage Miss Vero not to concentrate too hard on editing, I would rather she not spill her martini.