Thursday, June 26, 2008


Let Miss Vero be the first to say that we have absolutely nothing against Yankees or even Connecticut for that matter, but we are just plain tired of the musings, mutterings and babble of the non local people employed (OK, just two in particular) by the Press Journal. Let's review, shall we kids?

Miss Vero has noticed as usual, the little things, like the fact that the PJ's restaurant critic, Diana Foote, was on vacation last week. Miss Foote's "Out to Lunch" column let her talk about her recent tourist traipsing in the Big Apple, but no review of any restaurant that week.

Yesterday, Miss Foote gave us a basic review for the new Indian and Greek restaurant located next to the Scampi grill, but let Miss Vero sum it up for y'all - Only Indian or Greek food in Vero, very good food, no alkeehol served, what else do y'all need to know?

It would be so much more fun to see Miss Foote do a review of the Chick-Fil-A cow costume event:

We prefer a more useful item in the new VeroBeach32963, that breaks down all of the summer specials, that we usually have to sift through in the two page ad spread in the PJ. Someone very thoughtfully put it all together for us:

Given that Miss Foote gets paid to have a "column" of opinion and a critic's corner, it seems to us that her vacation is not of our concern and we'd like more useful info such as that provided by VeroBeach32963. So there.

Another of our favorite constant thorns in mah achin side is always Mr. Lemmon, who "babbled" on about his little summer vacation. Gee whiz, countin licence plates and ole Russ invadin the Big Queasy sure do sound like a big bag o'borin to us, how 'bout y'all? -we love the first comment and the Bob Evans fan clubbers comin to his rescue!:

Now maybe y'all have noticed that Miss Vero was also on vacation, but hunnies we think of y'all everyday and managed to keep up with the local news and our daily postins and not bore y'all with our fabulous adventures.

There's a lot going on in Vero Beach this weekend and Miss Vero will be there - Downtown Friday, a little soiree at the Art Museum and a wedding at the Pointe West Club. We thought the only proper way to acclimate ourselves would be to arrive on Friday and check into the new Costa d'Este. We'll continue to sort through all the PJ dribble and our neglected emails to bring a little sumthin tomorrow, but by Monday, we'll have a whole lotta local love to give you.



Anonymous said...

Miss Vero - what a joker!

Blogs are places where people who cannot get legitimate journalist jobs go to play at being journalists. Your comments just reinforce that point. Write on honey. Hope you have a real job to fall back on.

Meanwhile those of us who love the PJ columnists--the 'real deals' in the world of local journalism--will go there for better copy.

Anonymous said...
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Miss Vero said...

Russ hunney, is that you?
So good to hear from you again!

And for those of y'all wonderin, the comment above that was deleted was identical to the first one, somebody hit their send button one too many times.