Friday, June 27, 2008


Miss Vero knows that y'all start your day early and like us to post accordingly, but honestly we were up until 2:00 am siftin through the internet looking for new and exciting Vero Beach things and guess what? There weren't nothing for y'all! Since we are not the type to post stoopid filler stuff - like the counting of licence plates, we appropriately woke up at the crack of noon and checked our emails and wha-la! The internet elves sent us something new and exciting!

Now y'all know that Miss Vero nevah, nevah, nevah prints emails sent our way, but children, we just are luvin this new web site so much we just have to let the man who owns it speak for his self:

"I read your article about the press journal food critic and thought I would drop you an e to offer you another choice for food reviews in vero beach -- I have designed, owned and operated this site, have actually worked in the industry, owned and printed a dining guide in vero beach called "dish-it-out magazine" and now, in my spare time, I am trying to ramp-it-up so we can have another nice source for restaurant reviews for vero. I just added a new feature that allows (encourages) anyone to voice their opinion on our local restaurants. They can also input a star rating for food and service and pen a review.. A few weeks ago I added a summer menu guide ( good ideas seemed to get mimicked... or maybe 32960 just had the idea at the same time :-X).
Anyway, please check it out and help our online community grow. (BTW this is a one man operation so it is difficult to compete with scripts... but it is worth the effort to try!)

We really like that it's clean, fresh and offers anyone the opportunity to post a review. Sort of like tripadvisor, chowhound combined, but perfectly made for Vero. OH! And there's a special section for alkeehol - "upscale lounges"- now y'all know we love that!

Isn't it interesting that so many new publications are popping up in our little town? what does that tell y'all? Miss Vero is convinced that we have reached a tipping point in local media and that we all deserve something better than what is currently offered.

Miss Vero also received a little gossip e mail, from a friend of a friend, who had dinner at the Costa d'Este and witnessed a prominent Vero attorney get wine spilled all over him! They also alerted us that the service was substandard, but - in lawyer lingo- caveatted that it was the first night opened.

Now maybe some of y'all are aware that this incident could mean two things. One possibility is that everyone is new and the service staff is not yet in the groove and oops some wine got spilled. Or... Somebody done knew that attorney and had some previous dealins with him and oops some wine was "accidentally" spilled. If-in any of y'all ever worked in a restaurant y'all know exactly what Miss Vero is talking about.

In, fact we have talked about this before. It is very important to treat your waitstaff and bartenders like human beings and not as your personal servants. Also if y'all happen to be a bad tipper, well let's just say this is a small town, but even if it wasn't y'all might find yourself on one of these notorious lists:

Miss Vero will be checking in to the Costa tonight and having dinner there so we'll snaps some pics and give y'all a full report on Monday. If-in y'all are real bored don't forget Towndown Friday biker night on 14th street or the opening of the reception for the new exhibit at the Art Museum (which y'all supposedly need a reservation, but put on some lime green and pink clothing and y'all blend right in). If-n y'all are REALLY starvin for some down and dirty fun, check out the all male review and Drag show at Long Branch (yeah, that's right, Long Branch) on Sunday night.

Whatevah y'all decide to do this weekend, have fun, stay safe and lovingly hold your cocktails!


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