Monday, June 30, 2008


This is the view kids, early morning at the Costa d'Este. Miss Vero checked in on Friday and with our companion, pretty much had the place to ourselves. The folks there were oh so sweet and friendly and the atmosphere was sultry and laid back, until...

The locals arrived. We had us an early dinner and cocktails and noticed the place fillin up faster than a run on three dollar gas. Hunnies, there were all kinds of local folks posin like they had paparazzi chasin them and lookin all anorexic-skinny. They were all there, every manner of local, from the Moorings mavens to the beachie Lacoste clad, sockless, self importants. What a beautiful resort to have in Vero, we sure hope the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Estefan don't have to suffer too much with these types.

Our dinner was honestly some of the best food we've ever had in Vero Beach and we thought the staff was very attentive and professional. When we were just about to leave- who should up and sit next to Miss Vero but none other than Carl Hiaasen! Well, well well. Now y'all know Miss Vero just couldn't mind her manners. We said "Excuse me, but you're Carl Hiaasen." And he got to grinnin like he does in his Miami Herald photo, he looked so pleased that an adoring fan recognized him. But y'all know that weren't the case, cause he done lost that smile real fast when Miss Vero asked how a self proclaimed Florida environmentalist could move to a place like Vero and start playing golf. Mr. Hiaasen huffed "Well, you're here, aren't you?" Before answering that, Miss Vero looked over and noticed that the Mrs. was givin us the old evil eye and the server was comin over to get their order so we politely exited by saying "The food is very good, enjoy your dinner." Then we left.

We went outside to the pool that had also become very crowded and loud. Now, when Miss Vero tells y'all that there was every manner of local there we mean it, cause who should walk in next but Bonnie and Damian Gilliams - The Donald Trump of Sebastian! Lawdy children, talk about a cast of characters!

Miss Vero and company retreated to our very comfortable room to hide out till everyone had gone. We did manage to come back down at 1:00 AM and had the place all to ourselves again. Our one complaint for the evening was the fact that the only bottled water available was a giant $8 Fiji water that had to travel way too far to be featured at a "green" hotel.

We had breakfast the next morning and for a little while, we were with the only two other parties that were staying at the hotel and then... the locals arrived. The morning staff was not as, let's just say, efficient as the evening crew and when the beachies were not being attended to fast enuf, it was hee-larrious! Miss Vero almost fell on the floor laughin when some ole ancient J.I. type walked right into the kitchen lookin for immediate attention!

Here's what we have to say about that -
If one is privileged enough to afford luxury hotels and dinners, one has a responsibility to understand that it is exactly that - a privilege and not a right to be served and attended to.
In other words...what in the H. E. double toothpicks do y'all have to be cranky about? Some poor hardworkin minimum wage employee is just not kissing y'alls behinds fast enuf? Puh-leeese.
We haven't seen this much attitude and posin in one place since we done left the hills of Beverly.

Anyhoo, we took a lotta pictures and wrote up serious reviews for both the hotel and the restaurant and posted it on Apparently it takes a little while to post, because it has to be reviewed by their editors. We'll let y'all know as soon as its up, Miss Vero is really getting good at the picture takin and we want y'all to see them. We'll also transfer the restaurant review to the new site that we told y'all about on Friday.

We got a very funny email from a little birdie who let us know that Mr. Lemmon is none too happy with Miss Vero. Supposedly Mr. Lemmon thinks we are mean and nasty to him, but we are not one bit mean compared to some of his TCPalm readers that'd like to tear him up good. On Saturday Mr. Lemmon wrote his best column EVER.
Yup, that what we said children, let Miss Vero say it again - his best column EVER.
His article about N'Orleans was genuinely heartfelt, informative and important in reminding us about people, but for the grace of god go us. Of course on Sunday, he went back to being ole lemmondropping Russ. However, let it be said that Miss Vero gives credit when credit is due.

Enjoy the show, we'll be here all week, thank y'all very much!
(A little show biz humor)


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