Thursday, July 3, 2008


Everyone's affected by the high gas prices and state of economy, at least that's what they tell us. So to do our part, Miss Vero has decided to have what is now commonly referred to as a "Staycation" and share it with y'all.

How 'bout going to Cuba? No, not really but here's an idea for y'all to get your cuban on.

Regular Cuban -
Go down to the Humane Society thrift store, Goodwill or Salvation Army and shop for Guayaberas.
Pick up some used dominoes, if y'all don't already have some.
Stop by the 7-Eleven on your way to the beach and get some Bustelo Cool cafe con leche in a can and grab some of their cuban sandwiches, which they will grill up for y'all real nice. Honestly kids, 7-Eleven has the absolute best cuban sandwiches.
Call your friends and tell them to meet you at JC or (the apparently unused) Humiston Park.
Host a marathon domino game, tell your friends to bring the cigars.

Premium Cuban -
Get your friends to meet y'all at Felix's.
Doesn't matter what y'all order, everything is yummy, yummy, yummy! Be adventurous and ask for the house suggestions.
Go to Blockbuster and pick up season one of Dexter.
Unless of course, y'all are the types that are easily offended by cussin and serial killer humor, in that case, proceed directly to the next step and try real hard to get over yourself.
Mix up a big ole batch of Mojitos.
Or - if-in y'all forgot to get the mint at Publix - Cuba Libres! (rum, Coke and lime).

Super Cuban-
Check into the Costa D'Este!

Miss Vero has decide that tonight we will pretend to go to Jamaica. We'll be dining at Mo Bay up in Sebastian.
Miss Vero has been a patron of Chef Wesley's fine food since they opened and hunnies, it is better than good Jamaican cuisine, it's fabulous.
Then, while we're still in a good mood, we're gonna check ourselves into the Key West Inn at Captain Hiram's!
Let's face it, only tourists actually eat there. Or, if it's real late, it's the only place in Sebastian that's open. The food is, how can we say it real nice? crap. Except for Martin's crab chowder or Captain Jimmy's crabcakes, it was always hit or miss. Maybe things have changed, Lawdy children, Miss Vero hasn't been there in a million dog years! We knew that place when it was just a bait shop! Mr. Tom and Mr. Martin and Miss Carol, the proprietors ( folks, who Miss Vero remembers well, but will probably not remember Miss Vero) certainly have made some changes over the years and if that's not a complete understatement, we don't know what is!
Anyhoo, there's no tellin who Miss Vero might run into up at the ole Sand Bar, sure will be interesting. Besides, staying at the scene of the crime is way cheaper than a DUI and will also provide us with front row seats for the parade tomorrow! Hangover and all, we'll be there.

We'll post late tomorrow, so y'all can see our parade pics and have sumthin to look at over the weekend. And remember kids, don't play with fireworks, Miss Vero, will not waste a cocktail puttin your sorry behind out if y'all catch your stoopid self on fire!


Oh! by the way, Miss Vero saw the review for Riverside cafe in the PJ yesterday - Now we get it! Diana Foote only reviews the restaurants that she's never been to!

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