Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Ever wonder kids, why Miss Vero stated bloggin? We got sick and tired of the miserable offerings from our local rag. Oh yeah, yesterday Miss Vero was all nice and mushy telling y'all about some fine folks around town - which by the way, we can thank the Florida Today for pointin us to those local items. But today children, we are back to our ole vinegared veined self and come loaded for bear!

Either we get substandard journalism or nothin much at all. But what really wets our tail is when we find local stuff far from home.

Why was this item never seen in the Press Journal? Why did Miss Vero have to find it for y'all in the Palm Beach Post? Last time we checked, the Riverside Theater was in Vero Beach. Miss Vero sure don't know nuthin about no marketing, but it seems like somebody should be contactin somebody local:

And all of y'all that saw that woman down south who is sellin her house and herself, did y'all know she had some run ins with the po-pos? So far as of Saturday she's been offered $102.50, seems like a whole lotta hoopla over nothing. Maybe she can get a job in marketing for Riverside Theater?

What is it Wednesday? We don't think Miss Vero has had a proper cocktail all week. Better get going and catch up on our alkeehol consumption.


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