Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Thank goodness George Carlin has taken over for God. We prefer worshiping George anyway, he absolutely makes more sense and there's no question about what he looks like. We were wonderin when somebody would finally challenge those God billboards. Here's a clever you tube thingy called "Dueling Billboards":

Now y'all might think this is some picture Miss Vero got offa the internet, but children, Miss Vero done took this photo our self! The Palm Beach playboy's generous birthday gift to Miss Vero last year was a super cool digital camera and we are enjoying takin and postin pictures for y'all. This particular billboard is on the east side of I-95 headin south, just before Indrio Road. There's another George Carlin quote headin north, just after the Fort Pierce exit. Why? We don't know. We can't find out a thing about them, but we like 'em well enough to take a picture.

Imagine, Miss Vero stopped by the side of the road snappin a picture, like some fool tourist. First we had to drive to the middle of nowhere to find the side road, so we wouldn't be stoppin on I-95 and then we had to get out of the car in an old orange grove, which we do not like one bit. Here's our biggest fear:

With a twist from Dave Barry:

And too close to home:

So y'all better appreciate that we postponed our cocktail time and stood in tall grass to get this picture.

We are sufficiently spooked now by all this slitherin talk, it reminds us too much of politics. Best to sit down and mix up a batch of martinis, that oughta quiet Miss Vero's frail nerves.


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