Monday, June 9, 2008


Hey kids, how was the weekend for y'all? Miss Vero has been busy, busy, busy, entertaining all manner of friends. We started out in Vero beach of course, but gradually worked our way down south. Saturday we attended a fabulous pool party at the new home of our hot boys in PSL (a big MWAH to you Bruno & David!). Then it was off to meet up with others on Sunday in Miami - or as my Grandmamie used to call it - MY-am-UH. The Palm Beach playboy of whom we've previously spoken, was in attendance and decided it would be "fun" to go see the Florida Marlins. Apparently Miss Vero's vote of protest did not register in our little group, so Miss Vero being a trooper, went along and busied our self with other things, like finding the bar and takin pictures of anything interesting. Bar, check. Interesting, still lookin.

What did go through our little calculating mind was this: Why wasn't this stadium filled on such a beautiful day? Yes, I know it's hotter than the surface of the sun here, but from the above photo that we took, y'all can see the place was empty. Then we startin cyphering like Jethro Bodine, hey tickets were $43 per person, beer was $8, parking was $10. There were seven of us there, so with gas and tolls for three vehicles, the grand total of our little Sunday outing was over $500! Ok, y'all are gonna say that we drank a lot, but hunney, Miss Vero is not a beer drinker and neither was this group so there were honestly only four beers consumed total. We are making a point that it must be impossible for a working family to attend a ball game and that is a damn shame.


We have been getting the nicest emails and a little buzz and we sincerely thank y'all for all the good luvin. A special thank you to the PJ watercooler kids, especially Chris, who included Miss Vero in his list of favorite Blogs:

We're posting this late on Sunday night having just gotten back from Miami, but the real reason is that Miss Vero has to get up in the morning and go to JURY DUTY!

Don't worry kids, for some unknown reason, Miss Vero seems to get disqualified pretty quickly. We'll tell y'all as much as we can tomorrow. Till then...


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south beach queen said...

miss vero its chuck...your favorite queen...It was a fun pool party... hope to see you soon and maybe have all the queens get together again ya....

love chuck, aka south beach queen