Thursday, June 5, 2008


Sorry children, Miss Vero doesn't want to tell this story - Miss Vero has to tell this story. In yesterdays PJ, Miss Diana Foote has managed to both bore and offend in an utterly new way. She writes:

"...a friend picks me up to take me to look at a day camp for our daughters and, while the director is pointing out the pet donkey, I find myself drifting to a picture of this Eeyore in the flesh, drawn, quartered, cooked and presented with side dishes on some lovely Bavarian china.
When donkey meat causes your heart to flutter, it's time to stop everything and eat."

I beg. Please. Make it stop.

The cocktail hour must now begin!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This cannibalistic carnivore is what is reviewing restaurants in Vero? She can't spell. She doesn't know rules of grammar. She doesn't do research. And she eats broiled jack-ass. I think the PJ editorial staff should stay away from open flames when Ms Foote is about.