Wednesday, June 4, 2008


What are the odds kids, that Miss Vero would get in the car this morning and turn on the radio and be listening to Rhett Palmer? Slim to none, right? Well, Miss Vero lent her car to somebody yesterday and they musta been fiddling around with the knobs, so when Miss Vero went to listen to NPR (as we always do) the station was set on some local am thang. By now y'all have figured out that Miss Vero is a news junkie with slightly liberal leanings, but being that the junkie part comes primarily into play, we will listen to or watch any type of news just to get the perspective. Obviously, we do not believe in censorship.

Back to the funny part. Rhett Palmer. He claims to have attended Woodstock. Yeah, that's what I said, Woodstock, the peace, love and groovey things place in New York, 1969. He also claims to have had long hair down the middle of his back. Oh hunney, Miss Vero sure would pay cash money to see that! It just goes to show y'all - "...everybody got something to hide, cept for me and my monkey!"

Now children, Miss Vero has already told y'all, that she remembers Mr. Palmer (although Mr. Palmer will certainly not remember Miss Vero), way back in the day when he first rode into town in his hoopdee Continental (he later upgraded to a Mer-say-dees Benz). And we've previously made plain our feelings about him in our May 6th post "Rhett Palmer- Vero's Own Star Folker", but if this whole hippie claim is true, then we must ask - What happened?

Mr. Palmer was interviewing a man (via phone) at the site of the original festival in Bethel Woods, NY, where the new Woodstock Museum opened Monday.
Most people don't know that Woodstock was never actually held in Woodstock but in a little town called Bethel Woods, way west of Woodstock.

Mr. Palmer said he was very eager to go to New York to see the museum this summer. We think that you will be able to hear the interview and hippie claim on his website:

Well kids, it just so happens that Miss Vero is a member of the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and in two weeks we will be attending a VIP tour of the museum and a concert at the site, featuring Ringo Starr and his all star band! HA! Miss Vero is very excited!

In fact, Miss Vero summers at our lake house in the area and took the above picture when we were at the Woodstock site last year. Yes, chickadees, your fabulous Miss Vero is well connected to all things cool and we promise to share it all with our Beach House guests!

Miss Vero thinks today's Woodstock story calls for a little vodka and kool-ade celebration and if-in there's no kool-ade in the cupboard, well we'll just have to make do...


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