Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We certainly have received lots of emails after the last two posts especially after Friday's Deluxe Edition of the Beach House! Thanks so much kids, Miss Vero loves your luvin. One story that was particularly favored was concerning our own Mr. Charlie Crist and after all the stuff people have been forwarding to us, we believe that the article on Gawker is the best. This is one sex tape Miss Vero never wants to see!:

Now y'all know, Miss Vero has already brought this subject to light in the May 13 post -"The Power of Crist Compels Me". We thought that we would reference it again, since y'all seem so fond of it.

Miss Vero sincerely apologizes for cuttin it short today, we have some business to attend to. Miss Vero Suggests that if-in y'all are new to the Beach House, that y'all catch up on older posts. Think of them as "Project Runway" reruns.

Thanks again kids for all the luvin, keep them emails comin!


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