Monday, June 2, 2008


Yipeeeeee! oohh, that hurt. Miss Vero's head is still poundin from last night's party, children. Were there drag queens in Vero last night? Yes. Was Miss Vero in attendance? Do y'all really have to ask that? Miss Vero has stumbled upon the greatest little group in Indian River County called "People Like Us" here's the info:

Finally, some fun in town! And get this- it's happening at the Long Branch! DJ Silvio is the hippest little cat around and what a sweetheart too! The Queens are well, fabulous as only drag queens can be. But the truly great part was the mix of people. There were some hard drinkin Long Branch locals, hard core lez-b-anns, a group of grannies (trying so hard, bless their hearts, to stay up late to see the show) and young straight couples. Everybody just gettin along together and havin a good ole time. See? Even churches in Vero can't do that!,0,1387395.story

The party is connected to PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays),
which is a great organization in town doing great things. The Hometown News did a very good profile of the Brevard County chapter.

Maybe, the Press Journal could pick up this story, or is that too much to ask? Miss Vero thinks it's news worthy because according to their blog, this group is processing applications and permits for a Pride Festival in Indian River County. Proceeds would go to PFLAG, IRC Sheriffs Dept., Vero and Sebastian Police Departments and a homeless organization. Sounds like they're queer and here to Miss Vero.

So now Miss Vero proposes a challenge to the local media- Cover this story! And all of y'all that call yourselves Christians out there, let's see how tolerant and Christian like y'all can really be. What would Jesus do? Hunney, he'd be holding that pride banner up high and marching down the street with these children and we should be too!

Peace, love and happiness and a big shout out to our new friends PLU!
And everybody - catch the show again, next Sunday night 10pm at the Long Branch.



DJ Silvio said...

Thank you Miss Vero for stopping by last night. What a nice little blurb you published about our VERY humble production, People Like Us presents Unity Sunday @ the Long Branch.
I know who ever would have expected that?
Truth of the matter is they contacted PLU & Dj Silvio to erect a promotion specifically for their club.
We were not the only ones surprised, so we know its terribly impolite to refuse & we complied with their wishes.
Mgr. Dj Pulse & PS Productions are to thank for contracting PLU & DJ Silvio.
There are more developments and possibly another new night for PLU to sponsor right here in town!
Also PLU is establishing the VERY FIRST INDIAN RIVER PRIDE FESTIVAL and will have our website up shortly
Dj Silvio also produces monthly DJ promo mixes of top rated artists so please visit one of the 3 pages PLU & DJ Silvio manage & download the popular MAY '08 mix today.
The JUNE '08 Mix is being mastered and should be posted by Friday of this week.
Please add our pages to your Myspace friends pages. Thank you sincerely Dj Silvio & Lee D, founders of People Like Us Productions

People Like Us said...

Miss Vero, you are so shy!
I am so glad that we could get you to break out of your shell and party hearty with People Like Us.
You're hoot sweetie, we love YOU!
Thank you for attending & writing such nice things about our lil night in sleepy Vero Beach.
Looking forward to seeing you again. Your new BFF Lee Deee, co-founder of the People Like Us organization & LGBTQ party posse.

eclipsme said...

Let's hear it for the Long Branch for sponsoring this. Lets hear it for Miss Vero for doin' it. PJ - take up the challenge. We love PLU!

DJ Silvio said...

MISS VERO, oh do we enjoy drinking ^ being merry with you sister. Welcome to the hood.
Damn, my boyfriend doesn't have to be a DJ Widow when you're around. I wanted to get you the BRAND NEW SCHEDULE of EVENTs for the outrageous PLU nights @ the Long Branch Saloon here in Vero beach,love.
BLOGSPOT doesn't want to play nice with html code, drat.

SO how do we bribe you to come back and see us this Sunday August 3rd for our Bikini, Boxer & Brief party.
Your money is no good at the door, we have absolutely no pull at the bar but we've got deep enough pockets to help ya imbibe in some adult beverages and so enjoy sharing.

Aug 10 please welcome Miss Dina Jones and her stable of talent. This girl is simply marvellous and smart too. So hands off everyone we promised her hubby we'd keep everyone away unles of course they're tipping GRANDE which @ Starbucks is a small... We also somehow managed to book title holder Alicia Markstone on Aug 17th, I must have cut a deal with someone somewhere becase I knew about her is that we could never afford her. we must accrued soem good karma. We suggest reservations FOR ALL THE DRAG SHOWS!!!
Alos breaking new ground, DJ Silvio knows there tons of Ladies who love ladies so, we wnet ahead and booked INIDIAN RIVER COUNTY's 1st time ever in Vero Beach DRAG King Show Case w/ Carlos & guest from Neema awesome little club Zeba up in Daytona Beach.!!!
THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT, make your reservations today. MISS VERO will attest to how crowded the very 1st DRAG night was. PLU & DJ SILVIO book the best possible talent & play the best available music period. Standing room only for these shows. We're already recieveing inquiries.
The finally the very LAST Sunday of the month is Male Revue.
We have had to add a 2nd Show for couples and a "MIXED - GAY & Str8 crowd" as SO MANY have requested.
We hear you and are more than happy to accommodate. THANK YOU !!!

Please read more about People Like Us & DJ Silvio events a@ the link below.

First off we want to thank you for your support & encouragement!!
Sunday monthly events calendar for UNITY in Vero Beach.
We post our event pics : http;// Dj Silvio mixes

All the best MISS VERO & readers, we tell everyone about you!
Best wishes and big fat kisses and uncomfortable hugs from your pal DJ Silvio co-founder of People Like Us