Friday, May 30, 2008


By this time y'all know that our skeletal little gov, Charlie Crist was in town. The PJ informed all the good citizens of Indian River County that Mr. Charlie would arrive at 3:55pm Wednesday and Miss Vero decided to send her top correspondent, Lil' Miss Sunshine, out to do some reporting. Lil' Miss Sunshine is a sweet-talkin busty blond that is more welcome at a Republican gatherin than cash money. Ok, maybe not more welcome, but just as.

Lil' Miss Sunshine arrived 30 minutes prior to the ETA only to witness people already leavin the party. Lil' Miss Sunshine reported seeing the Queen Mother of Vero Beach, Miss Alma Lee Loy being escorted to her car and had a pleasant exchange of hellos. Then Li' Miss Sunshine ran into a big time developer friend, who told her that his office received a call about 1:00pm telling him to quick get down to Piper at 2:30. Hmmm....

After sweet talkin the guard, (see, I told y'all she was good at that) Lil' Miss Sunshine proceeded down the tarmac to the event tent. She noticed lots and lots of Piper employees (I think the PJ mentioned over a thousand) in brand spankin new white T-shirts with colorful Piper advertising on the back. They had finished their casting call as extras in the musical "Pay the Piper" and were lining up for free ice cream at the craft services truck.

What she witnessed after that was disturbing, because aside from the Piper extras the only people present were Republican candidates and Media, blowing smoke up each other's behind.

So here's what Miss Vero has to say about this. If all you have is your vote to give the gov, shouldn't it count for somethin? Why was the general public excluded from this event? Why not hold it at Dodger stadium and let all the constituents see their public servant and let all the candidates shake some hands? Why is he just the behind closed doors, Republican's boy and not the Governor of the People of the Great State of Florida?

Mr. Charlie did speak for 5 minutes and apparently had time to sign a few autographs. Take notice kids, that he gave them from behind.


Anonymous said...

Was Charlie's boyfriend with him, or was he accompanied by yet another beard, like Katherine Harris?

Anonymous said...

You're last paragraph just made me laugh hysterically, which surprised some of my coworkers in surrounding cubicles.

Miss B. Havior said...

Miss Vero,

All this manic writing, all these posts.
Are you making those Red Bull Martini's again? If so, why wasn't I invited?

Miss Vero said...

Sugar, y'all know the door is always open...

Besides, it seems that we are finally pickin up a little steam here - Thanks so much everyone for all the support!