Friday, May 30, 2008


Lookie, lookie, it's Mr. Lemmon. Why is Miss Vero postin this pic, y'all might ask. Well kids, while Lil' Miss Sunshine was out at Piper she spotted Mr. Lemmon, in fact, she stood just a few feet away from him and took his picture! But this is not the picture in question, this is the best picture we could find of Mr. Lemmon. Obviously it was taken a few years back when he worked in Toledo and was honored as "Jackass of the Week", we sure don't know what that was all about, but evidently Mr. Lemmon hates smokers. Check it out for yourselves:

We could not post Lil' Miss Sunshine's photo for two reasons. One, Miss Vero did not ask Mr. Lemmon's permission to do so and being that Miss Vero is polite, we will keep that photo private, unless you beg us to see it and then we'll email it to y'all. And two, we are doing Mr. Lemmon a favor, because well - how can we say this? He is just not the cutest boy in Vero. Lil' Miss Sunshine reports that he is much taller and substantial than we imagined. That's the good news. He is also - how did she put it? "Goofy, like a grown up version of the head AV guy in high school."

Miss Vero is not interested in Mr. Lemmon's looks, we would never fault a person for that, not when we have the sappiest, butt kissing column EVER to read. The references to Michael Jackson and Kool and the Gang make Miss Vero's skin crawl. Seriously, Mr Lemmon, are y'all that un-hip?

At least he mentioned champagne, maybe there's hope. Miss Vero wants to like Mr. Lemmon, we try very, very hard to like Mr. Lemmon, but he makes it very difficult for us. Bless his little Midwestern heart, he sounds like he 's never had any real fun. Miss Vero actually feels a little sorry for him, like a dog that's been hit on the nose one too many times with a rolled up newspaper.

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