Friday, May 30, 2008


Now this is the real deal - The cutest boy in Vero. He's single, available, smart, just shy enough, well mannered, talented and he's a BARTENDER! Girls, get yourselves down to the Undertow pronto before somebody snaps him up fast. Miss Vero knows, he will not be on the market for long.

Lil' Miss Sunshine made her way down to the Undertow Wednesday afternoon, needin a cocktail badly after that Piper fiasco and talked to some of the beautiful people there. Miss Vero is happy to hear that the owner, Miss Kitty, is a very approachable groovey person who knows how to be hospitable, as well as being top chef. And it was reported to Miss Vero that another wine tasting party is coming up in June. Yeah! We'll keep y'all posted.

Li' Miss Sunshine had such a fabulous time with her posse and met some fierce new friends. There was a whole table of lovely womyn there (luscious young lez-b-anns in Vero, who knew?). Miss Vero is sorry we missed out on all the fun. So, based on Lil' Miss Sunshine's report, we are declaring the Undertow the Epicenter of COOL.

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