Friday, May 30, 2008


Did any of y'all notice that Sex and the City was playing at 11:59pm last night at the new Majestic in town? Miss Vero just had to check it out and what did we see? A couple of cute girl groups in high heals and more luscious young lez-b-anns kissing in public. Wow, maybe Vero is cooler than we thought!

Miss Vero pretty much knew the plot and just for a piece of trivia- one of Miss Vero's very dear friends is Michael Patrick King's ex-partner. If y'all are a fan of SATC, you'll get it, if not, don't worry. Believe it or not children, Miss Vero was once a resident of the Hills of Beverly and is very familiar and well connected to many celebrity types.

Too bad Mr. Bill DeYoung, didn't respond to Miss Vero's email when he was looking for SATC material. Miss Vero could have given him a big time inside scoop, but no. As per PJ protocol, the mundane must be printed.

There's a lot of web stuff out there, good-n-bad, but we will offer two sources. For the absolutely romantic photos by Annie Leibovitz in Vogue:

And because Miss Vero likes to buy local (and really wants to but for lack of variety) - Feature Editor, Marilyn Bauer, at the PJ, for breaking PJ protocol with a perfectly balanced, crisp, clean review and points for getting the Diane Arbus reference:

All in all, it is what it is - a movie. Dust off a copy of "Sullivan's Travels " to remember why we all love movies. Girls like this kind of movie the way guys like to see stuff blowed up, it's that simple. For Miss Vero, of course it's an excuse for a party and a valid reason to drink a cosmo leisurely. Now, tonight, hundreds of single women will be swarming the mall at the Vero Beach premiere. If-in y'all have any single men friends, tell them to hang out at Friday's - it'll be like shootin fish in a barrel. As for Miss Vero, we will be havin our own little private soiree. Cosmos for everyone!

Bye y'all and thanks so much for all the love, back on Monday.


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