Tuesday, June 24, 2008


For all of y'all that take the New York Times regular on Sunday, y'all probably read the interview with Gubna Charlie. He's very likable in this article and we wouldn't mind seeing ole Charlie running with the ancient John McCain. In fact if y'all remember, we imagined just such a scene in our first blog about Charlie -"The Power of Crist Compels Me" (May 13th). Miss Vero still wishes that we could get that man a sandwich to help fill out that suit or a nice gay stylist to actually get him a suit that fits. Miss Vero always wondered why we just couldn't get a paper receipt when we voted, like at the grocery store and it seems that Gubna Charlie has wondered the same thing. We're beginning to like him. A little. If-in y'all don't take that really informative yankee paper, Miss Vero generously provides y'all the link:

Speaking of State politics, Miss Vero likes to play a little game called connect the newspaper dots and we found these bits of Charlie- related- to-Vero news that informs us of two important things;

#1 California Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger (who Miss Vero remembers, but Gov Arnold does not remember Miss Vero - really it's true!) came to Florida last year for a photo op and Florida Climate Summit with Gubna Charlie and they looked like Batman and Robin ready to fight the energy crisis:

#2 If you get a lobbyist and pay Stan Mayfield some money, y'all can get all that pesky energy bill stuff to go away, not by some silly ole democratic voting process!

And finally a little Mayfield related story in between all of the PJ "dribble"-Honestly, why would anyone expect a doctor to properly fill out paperwork?


Once again, Miss Vero must thank each and everyone of y'all that are readin faithfully and sending in such nice emails and info. Please be patient, we have already told y'all that (unfortunately) we are only one damn person and we are trying to answer and deal with technical thangs as fast as we care to. If-in y'all had problems with the links in the past few days go back and check again, we're pretty sure we done fixed it.

If-in there's some other issues y'all have - sugar- fix you a cocktail or two and keep drinkin 'em until that particular issue just fades away...



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