Thursday, June 19, 2008


And that is why Miss Vero is not in attendance and the Costa d' Este opening this week.

Actually, we will be leaving our lake house today for a little side trip to East Hampton, where we will no doubt run into some other celebrity types. We are also attending the big shin dig at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts on Saturday, which we already told y'all about in our "Rhett Palmer's Hippie Claim" post a couple weeks ago. Look it up kids.

Why are we tellin y'all this? Just to let you know how dedicated Miss Vero is, that we would continue to post during our summering. Not that we won't be back soon to check out the Estafan's new digs - and we do have somethin a little related to the sitch-e-ation brewing up in these parts that we'll bring you back as soon as we can.

We have been purusin the local news about the opening and as usual, find the comments especially interesting:

Now that y'all like to email Miss Vero so much, we're sure that y'all will tell us all about it. Of course Miss Vero is not a celebrity stalker or easily impressed like everyone else who seems to be slobberin like a misbehaving hound dog over all this hoopla. But when nothin much else is happening in town, we suppose it would be alright to get a little excited over this event.

So have fun, send us your reports and we'll discuss. It'll be interesting to hear everyone's different take on this. Right now Miss Vero is dealing with dueling, emailin, local politicians, each givin their side and courtin Miss Vero's favors. We don't mind, because no matter how anyone tries to persuade us, the only party we truly support is (c'mon say it with us) -


P.S. If-in y'all have emailed us recently, hang in there for Miss Vero's replies kids, we are only (unfortunately) one damn person and workin as fast as we care too.

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