Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hey kids, it's Wednesday and the PJ usually likes to publish some boring and/or ridiculous restaurant review. Miss Vero knows how excruciating this can be, so we have generously decided to provide y'all with a peek into one of our cocktailin and culinary adventures.

A little while back, Miss Vero and the Secret Squirrel had a hankerin for some bar-b-que and alkeehol. So we decided to try Rip's Ribs restaurant instead of drivin all the way down to Tommy Norris'. Now it sure was yummy and our server Liz and bartender Amie were real nice to us, also there was some guy playin the guitar pretty good too. They even gave us a card for a couple of drinks, next time we come. We know the PJ reviewed Rip's, but we found another review (with food photos!) that we much prefer:

Rip's owner, Mr. Rip Tosun is another in a long line of Rib Kings from South Florida. Let Miss Vero tell y'all about our favorite Rib King, Tommy Norris. We call him that cause that's who he was way back when Miss Vero knew him. There were actually three Rib Kings in South Florida in the 70's, Norris, Bobby Rubino and Tony Roma. They all had dealins with each other and partied like there was no tomorrow, but children everybody did back then. Miss Vero met Tommy Norris, just after he got outa the pokey for some partying related incident. After regainin his freedom, he walked around loudly tellin everyone "It's great to be alive!". Miss Vero loved his pre-pokey stories especially the one of calling a restaurant for a reservation, only be turned away. So Tommy Norris decided that the best way to change their mind was to arrive in their parking lot in a helicopter and wha-la! - he got a table!

Now to be honest, we don't know what ever did happen to Tommy Norris or if the Norris restaurants still have any connection to him. We do know that Bobby Rubino died in 2001 and Tony Roma retired. But it sure was fun knowin ole Tommy Norris when we did.

After we left Rip's and since it was a Friday night, we thought we might be able to hear some good music at Waldo's. Well kids the place was dead and when we asked about our favorite threesome, Trilogy, we were told by one of the bartenders that the new manager didn't see fit to havin them. A little later we met the manager in question and the Secret Squirrel wondered how often they have to change that stick up his rear. Miss Vero wishes the Squirrel would give us a warning before he says things like that, we almost spit our cocktail halfway cross the bar. Maybe the manager's tryin to clean up the place and shoe out all the locals before the Costa opens up next door. If-in any of y'all do know what's happening with Scott, Scott and Not Scott (aka Trilogy), let Miss Vero know.

Miss Vero and the Secret Squirrel finally ended the night in one of our favorite places, still the Epicenter of Cool, Undertow. We were very excited to see Miss Kitty's new additions to the Menu and are always so happy to see our favorite bartenders, Sandy and the Cutest Boy in Vero. The Undertow does not have a web site, but a myspace page badly in need of an update:

Now Miss Vero knows that some of y'all think that women like Miss Kitty are magical and can do everything. While that is some what true, we're sure Miss Kitty is just too busy makin fabulous food and running a business to be concerned with things like a website. So we hope that someone can help her out. We would like to see a page with an Undertow events listing, cause we sure don't want to miss the next wine tasting.


Rips- Good food, friendly people, free pour at the bar-yes!, guy playing guitar, old songs that we know.

Undertow -Fabulous food, great people, free pour at the bar-yes!, guy playing guitar, groovy tunes that we've forgotten but love.

Miss Vero and companion cocktail anonymously at the expense of the Beach House or anyone who's willin to by us a round.


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